Edit-war around friedrich merz

Why the story of a Wikipedia entry is often more insightful than the entry itself

The free Encyclopadie Wikipedia gathered on its pages now six million items in 250 languages. It does not depend on the opinion of experts when creating articles. Because every time and desire (in Germany about 7.000 Wikipedian) has, can participate in creating the items. However, this basic democratic model has lately stalled into criticism.

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On the one hand, the high fluctuation of the Wikipedia authors and the associated unfamiliar character drove to a rapid change in each article. The so-called edit wars, in which several authors mutually reciprocally make the changes of the other, because they interpret certain facts differently a consequence of it. Furthermore, so-called vandals can incorporate nonsensical or false facts into encyclopadia, which may remain undiscovered on a long time.


Last year, Z. B. Dieter Thomas Heck, Bata Illic and Karl Moik Victims of the False Informations specifically widespread by the Spabguerilla. On an obvious duck in Manuel Andracks Wikipedia entry from 14. Marz 2007 is almost tried to recognize the humor handwriting of his supervisor Harald Schmidt: "Today will be critical in 1991 entry into the right-wing extremist NPD." The former Wikipedia Administrator Ulrich Fuchs had housed false information at forty keywords, which were still not corrected after 14 days. Likewise, the critically critically tuned in terms of Wikipedia "Suddeutsche Zeitung" Various keywords of encyclopadia with false facts supplied, promptly furnished their sluggish elimination and even "prolific knowledge winder" lament.

Paid working time

In this article, however, this article remained that not Edit Warriors and Vandals, but PR agencies and Think Tanks are the more serious danger for Wikipedia, because they are attributable to the struggle for the interpretation of individual articles professional writers with abundantly paid working hours. Already at times of the Heise Friday bay urged the PR agencies under the hand the news that less well-paid employees had to help to formulate audience ies and opinions in the sense of IT associations.

The Findige American Gregory Kohs in 2006 even open the company "Mywikibiz", to write for companies at the price of 50 to $ 100 in the Internet Encyclopadia’s audience-efficient entries. Although Kohs was then deprived of the authors status, but the suspicion is more than near that the attempted commercial infiltration is not an individual case. Z. B. has the scandal-scolded German electronics company Siemens proved to make Klaus Kleinfeld cosmetic corrections in the resume of its CEO Klaus Kleinfeld.

Edit War around Merz

Not without entertainment is also the Edit battle, which is guided around Friedrich Merz. An important figure here is the author TMFS, after self-indication lawyer, who has been working for Wikipedia since October 2003 and its interests are politics and history. With the lawyer’s own heads, TMFS works above all at noon and during the evenings of up to 60 products a day, where he gives the article about the former chairman of the CDU parliamentary group Friedrich Merz special attention. This is almost eagerly compressed. Z. B. called the appeal of Merz, that "Red Town Hall" to stimulate his hometown Brilon, garnished with the respectful remark that his coarse father Josef Paul Savigni "until 1937" Burgermeister of the city was emorung.

Nazi collaboration or gossip and gossip?

Local historians see a collaborator in the center politician with the Nazis. These"Coarse farmer" Also hit the Wikipedia article about Merz. The entry was by TMFS with the remark "Gossip out" geloscht and when these resumed was modified in the wording modified (which was then made again by an Alexander Fischer again). Continue to read TMFS entries in which to read that Friedrich Merz regularly attends the service as the inventor of the "Beer cover" applies and his wife Charlotte Merz is insolvency judge. Other authors in turn argue about the renaming of the title "Outstanding" in "Activities for lobby and stakeholders" or "nepotism" .

Better transparency at Wikipedia

Especially if you are allowed to get the luxury of one thinking, the accusation of the articles written by Anonymous laymen were par excellent in ours, at the destination: On the Internet, the Wikipedia articles are a meaningful source of information. And that skurilles and seemingly selective in the texts with fell in love, which was not published in serious lexika, must – see Merz – not automatically disadvantage because the entries can also include messages that contribute to the information code of upper circles and anyway ( or therefore therefore) are relevant.

Finally, it can also be terms with the also free of charge (but for the user-responsible manageable) Brockhaus-Lexicon or the Internet Encyclopadia "Citizendium" Counterclock from the Wikipedia co-gallery Larry Sanger (who wants to work with experts). The big advantage of the current Wikipedia system is that the versions / authors strip of the PR character of registration decidedly easier to understand as elsewhere. Because most newspapers face skillfully than the "Potsdam’s latest news", which in a job advertisement directly after one "Pr-journalists" Look for.

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