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The Berlin spentual farms hurt especially the Left Party in the election campaign

Professor for civil courage he is as called like protestmentor. For many social protests, the Berlin part-time professor for Politology Peter Grottian is represented at a lead. He was already several times he got penalty commands and even with his sacking was already threatened. So it was not surprising that the secret service habers for the dedicated scientist are also interested. Last weekend, the amptions were then confirmed. Two services showed interest in Grottian and its environment. Employees of the Federal Office for Festival Protection and the Berlin Dependance of the Spierarforde led discussion papers of Grottians to the author.

These authorities also sent their employees to the Berlin Social Forum, in which Grottian employees. The network of various Berlin groups and initiatives rounded in 2003 is based on a policy model based on the Zapatists in Sudmexiko and the growth of the globalization-critical movement around the millennium new ways from the crisis of the left wanted to search. One of the principles of social forums acting both on continental and global level is transparency, horizontal policy forms and civil society commitment.

Who should know what is discussed in the Social Forum, therefore only needed to read the website of the initiative the regular protocols, as the Social Forum communicates in a press secretation. But that’s why it’s not the spitzeliensten. They were already interested in who people or groups introduce initiatives in the plenary who has activities and how the circle of the groups involved were composed. After all, the political spectrum of trade unions and social initiatives reached to activists from the autonomous spectrum.

Berlin’s interior sensor Korting also explained in the Berlin House of Representatives, not Grottian, but these left groups are the reason for monitoring. The interior sensor had already prevedent in autumn 2003 that the district office of the Berlin district of Neukolln with an initiative of the Social Forum signed the contract for the construction of a social center in a dismissed school of the district. Also then corting charged this with the argument, on the social forum, LeftExtreme Kraftte was also involved.

The argumentation of the interior senator, the string protection only wanted to observe autonomous, but Grottian and the social forum as a whole, is logically difficult to understand. Finally, there is no communist platform or a AG "autonomous" at the Social Forum. That’s how she wanted to watch the influence and acting of supposed radical linker, the entire social forum was visible.

Loser Left Party

Nevertheless, the top candidate of the Left Party was satisfied with the Berlin House of Representatives and today’s Economic Senator Harald Wolf with this explanation. But that’s what the party has a problem anymore, because actually she demands the abolition of intelligence services. She learned that from her story, the addition is always, if you keep the responsibility for the GDR spying counterpart. Wolf has now ignored this decision in addition to many other programmatic foundations, if it is apparently all right for him, that the catch protection takes parts of the city-parliamentary movement of the city.

But more than his party in Berlin now has a majority-based party, Wolf must be the different competitors. Because despite all purpose optimism at the Land Party Day last weekend, the Left Party in Berlin has to set hard times. So she sees it as a success, if she can hold almost two-thirds of her earlier elimans. This is the election goal 17% plus. Probably there will be a minus. Because the party is at all levels in the defensive.

Social policy will provide you with the WASG in the next few months a tough exchange and maintain the participation in social shorts and the exit from the collective bargaining community of the countries. Despite all efforts, the Left Party could not prevent the Berliner Wasseng to choose from. Now you will even make the green on burger lawy area in addition to competition. Their group chairman, the lawyer Volker Ratzmann has already explained that for him the spitzel scandal is by no means done. He demands further file inspection and was allowed to hold the coalition in this question even more trot. As a menetle can apply that the Migration Political Speaker of the Berlin Link Party Karin Hopfmann, which is also prestigious in escape organizations, can also attraction. She had seen her party in the government, but no power had to reach the toleration of the Kurds living in city for years.

Already amptions make the round, whether those who informed the mirror on the observation of the Social Forum did not want to intervene exactly in this way in the Berlin election campaign. Finally, at times of the SPD-Al-Senate, the Berlin police guide should have acted self-accustomed to harm the unloved coalition. Please never prove that. The activists of the Social Forum want to advise on their further action in the next few days. But already make it clear that you do not want to divide yourself. Nevertheless, it will not be easy to make it easy to do as before. Because still the identity of the at least two informants of the secret services is not known. It is clear only that you have to have worked on a long time continuously.

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