E-sport: schalke 04 sold “league of legends”-license for 26.5 million euros

E-Sport: Schalke 04 sold'league of legends'-lizenz fur 26,5 millionen euro'league of legends'-lizenz fur 26,5 millionen euro

FC Schalke 04 ends its commitment in the highest European "League of Legends"-Liga Lec. The license for the starting place in the LEC brings Schalke 04 26.5 million euros. With the sale, the Gelsenkirchener traditional club reacts to the tense economic location in the core business: After a sporty catastrophe season, the FC baller of the FC Schalke 04 will only be made in the second Bundesliga from August.

"The Covid 19 pandemic and the descent of the Fubball Club had massive financial consequences", explains Schalke 04 in a message to fans on Twitter. The management has seen no other option as the license sales after the failed search for a solution, it is called in the statement.

BDS buys slot

the "League of Legends"-Team of Schalke 04 is released from the Season 2022 from the Swiss organization BDS. Whether BDS takes over the squad of the previous Schalke team, is open. the "Lol"-Team of Schalke 04 is supposed to stop the current season regularly.

The Lec ("League of Legends European Championship") is the strongest "League of Legends"-League in Europe. A possibility to play through competition in this league does not exist: Whoever liked to participate in the LEC, must buy the place to an already approved team.

Schalke 04 is still in the German "League of Legends"-Liga Prime League represented with his second team Schalke Evolution. In addition, players occur under the Schalke flag in the "Fifa"- and "Pro Evolution Soccer"-Play on. How to continue with these departments, Schalke management has not yet decided.

Schalke since 2016 at "League of Legends"

In the enormously popular "League of Legends"-E-Sport rose Schalke already in 2016. "In the past five years, we have developed Schalke 04 gradually to a fixed coarse in electronic sports – be it in League of Legends, FIFA or PES. Economically, the E-Sport pays for our business areas with the big growth", Explained Marketing Board Alexander Jobst in a message.

The revenue from the sale of the license in the high amount of 26.5 million euros should now benefit the Fubball Terman: "That the E-Sport will now deposit in a significant mabe on the core business of the S04, has enormous importance for us", Write Jobst. E-Sports business drivers DR. Claudio Kasper speaks of one "far-sighted investment". Schalke Konne is proud of the "Pioneering work" be of recent years.

The FC Schalke 04 applies under the Fubball Clubs as a pioneer in the E-Sports area. Besides Schalke 04, teams like Paris Saint-Germain and Besiktas Istanbul are engaged in various E-sports.

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