Cz smart: first smartwatch of citizen

CZ Smart: First SmartWatch of Citizen

The Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen launches its first purebred SmartWatch in the United States. the "CZ Smart" In the classic chronograph look runs on a Snapdragon 3100 and with Google’s Wearos. The round OLED display measures 3.25 centimeters in diameter (416 × 416 pixels) and is enclosed by a non-rotatable diver watch lunette. With a GPS sensor and NFC chip the clock is equipped with time.

In addition to GPS, NFC and a gyroscope, the Citizen-Smartwatches sensors for acceleration, air prere, ambient light and pulse have. The clock takes up via Bluetooth and WLAN connection. Using built-in speaker and microphone you can accept calls directly on the clock and answer. Thanks to the built-in NFC chip, the CZ Smart can also be used to pay with Google Pay. To the built-in battery, Citizen does not provide any information, but gives the running time of the clock with over 24 hours. Certain software modes should allow for maturities of several days.

Basis "CZ Smart" is the already septic Snapdragon 3100, whose four Cortex A7 cores with up to 1.2 GHz clocks. The flotter successor Snapdragon 4100+ introduced in the summer, which is manufactured in the 12 Nm process, probably came to Spat. The Wearos platform supports activity and health tracking with Google Fit. Numerous applications are available in the Google Play Store; Citizen has the run app strava, the security solution "Noonlight" as well as Spotify preinstalled. For more downloads, 8 GB of memory are available.

Three variants, four dials

The round of housing measures handsome 46 millimeters – because of the space requirements of the battery tend to be Smartwatches to headflativeness. Citizen offers the clock in three variants: two classic stainless steel models with blue (ref. MX0001-12X) or red-black "Coke"-Diving Lunette (Ref. MX0000-07X) with color matching rubber strap. The dark gray coated model (Ref. MX0007-59X) comes with a matching steel bracelet. Citizen delivers the clock with four own dial variations called "Active", "Dashboard"", "Neo" and "Retro" the end.

CZ Smart: First SmartWatch of Citizen

CZ Smart: variants and dial.

In the US, the manufacturer calls 395 US dollars (around 333 euros) for the clock. The clock will be expelled exclusively to the United States until further notice, explained a spokeswoman against our site. From planning for a market import also in Europe, the German Dutch of the manufacturer so far has nothing else.

Challenge for a traditional industry

The classic watch manufacturers are so difficult in the SmartWatch segment. But there are first approach attempts to observe. For Citizen is the "CZ Smart" After a few hybrid and Bluetooth models the first "right one" Smartwatch. The other Japanese traditional manufacturers are still very tentatively. Orient and Seiko have so far no ambitions and have left Non-Nursing Epson who has their excursion to the new terrain but apparently already set again.

The Swiss prefer to stay with classic watches, with exceptions such as the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar or the Hublot Big Bang E the rule. The Fossil Group has so far the only watch manufacturer, who adopted the challenge SmartWatch Fruh and now has numerous models on a market that is dominated by Apple. Next Important manufacturers Heiben Garmin, Huawei and Samsung.

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