“Cyberpunk 2077”: investor is enough for a ban on developer studio cd project

An investor has a lawsuit against the Polish studio in Los Angeles "Cyberpunk 2077" submitted. In the run-up to the publication, CD project has aroused expectations that the finished product does not stop. This resulted in investors a financial damage.

CD Project Manager had met false and misleading statements, write the lawsalt of the investor in the application. That on 10. December published video game is technically, however, in such a bad condition that it is virtually unplayable especially to PS4 and Xbox ONE.

Due to the poor technical condition and the aobed expectation is investors "significant" Damage, argue the laws. The share of the Polish games company sacked almost 40 percent in the weeks since the publication.

(Source: Cyberpunk 2077)

The lawsuit against CD project is created as a collection claim – other actions could therefore be adhered to if they are admitted. A report of New York Times According to a collection claim on CD project could also be sent in Poland.

Technical problems

"Cyberpunk 2077" Was on 10. December after several release shifts and controversies around working conditions appeared. Players criticize bugs and glitches, especially performance problems on PS4 and Xbox One: The game runs on these consoles sometimes only with frame rates under 20 fps at low resolution. In addition, many players criticize missing role-playing elements.

In the foreground of the complaints, however, is the technical condition of the Open World Shooter. After re-language with CD project, PS4 manufacturer Sony has even decided, "Cyberpunk 2077" Remove from the official PlayStation Store. Xbox manufacturer Microsoft has not gone this step, maintain all the buyers just like Sony but refunds. CD project promises to despoc the problems in the coming months by patches.

According to CD project "Cyberpunk 2077" So far, 13 million times sold – refunds should have been deducted from this number. The sales figures are strong, but remained behind the expectations of analysts.

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