Munchen, January 2015 – against the Gulf no competitor currently seems to have a remedy in parade, which could danger his place as point 1 in the German sales charts. Neither careful copying as by an Opel Astra G or Hyundai i30 nor the radical departure from the usual concept as by a BMW 1er or a Mercedes B-Class broke its supremacy. The German favorite new car has maintained its conservative profile over the years and remained modern without being fashionable. But the alone is enough to explain the long-term demand? We got the bestseller with a small gasoline for 14 days in the editors.

Hardly any wish remains open

The current edition has been on the market since November 2012. Since then, the offer has been heavily understood: The limousine came, among other things, the Combi Variant, the Sportsvan, a hybrid and electric drive. Hardly any wish remains unabeated, unless the buyer can pay him only. In the combustion engines there is a rough spread, which means a range of services between 90 and 184 hp at the Golf Diesel, in the gasoline between 86 and 300 hp. We elected the 1.2 TSI with 110 hp and 175 nm, from 19.025 Euro is – which corresponds to an additional charge of almost 2000 euros against the 86-hp base gasoline.

In the seasons handling of the current golf falls on, with which attention to the developers have gone to the design of the interior. Everything in the visible area acts excellently processed, the interior strips, for example, are cleanly fitted. The ambiance suggests to sit in a lovingly assembled car. Underlines this impression is made by a turgiller, in which undoubtedly sound designer have been involved. The existential demand was not least allowed to successfully teach the interested party that he gets a high equivalent value for his money. That this impression has received violent scratches just in recent years, should not be concealed here. But in first contact, many competitors, which are by no means worse than the golf, have some shirt-sleeved – as an example only called the Ford Focus.

But an undestress-based workmanship is not the only reason that drives the golf numerous customers. In the day-to-day handling he fades with a conventional service. As mentioned in the driving report of the Skoda Octavia, the developers were always considered to find the easiest way to find the goal. An example of this is the on-board computer that you can teach in a submenu which information should be displayed. So the driver does not have to work through ads that do not interest him.

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