Cross platform development: videos of the conference qt 2021 available

Cross platform development: Videos of the conference QT 2021 available

The BetterCode () QT 2021 served in June with the innovations of QT 6, the migration to the new major version and license ies. The organizers of the online conference heise developer, ix and dot.publisher Now have from the six and the keynote a package snorted on Vimeo.

The new major version of the cross-platform framework brings basic amendments to architecture. There are numerous new opportunities in the areas of string processing and container classes. However, the migration of projects is not trivial, as the current version 6.1 Not all features of QT 5.X brings.

Total package and individual forward

On Vimeo, a bundle is now ready to include the following presentation:

  • String processing in Qt 6: More efficient, compatible, expressive
  • Advanced 3D With QT
  • Container Classes in Qt 5 6
  • KDES Way to Qt 6 – Strategies and Lessons Learned
  • Automotive Human Machine Interface: Trends QT 6
  • Licensing of QT: Foss and commercial licenses

In addition, the Keynote of Lars Knoll, Chief Maintainer of the QT project and CTO of the QT Company, is also available as a video. The exact descriptions of the individual forward prescription can be found on the conference site. The total package with seven videos costs 60 euros, and the individual forwards are available for 10 euros each.

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