Covid-19: mask obligation in easter-rich supermarkets

COVID-19: mask obligation in easter-rich supermarkets

MNS mask. Photo: Pixabay

MNS should be available in such a rough number that you can deliver the store to your customers

The Easter Chancellor Sebastian briefly talked today together with his Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler, his Minister of Health Rudolf Answer and his Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer, that one can only enter the superm markets in the Alpen Republic from Wednesday only with a Covid-19 protective mask – a maaking that The Easter-Rich Medical Chamber Prassident Thomas Szekeres welcomed and demanded its expansion on practical visits.

In the context of the new regulation against the Covid-19 epidemic of one "gross change" and one "Learning". He was "completely aware that masks for our culture are a bit strange" – But the Easter Richers should win to wear such devices everywhere where they come to the nearby external people. Nevertheless, masks are his words "No substitute for spacing", but an assessment.

Sodder also takes this one-stage step?

Since the mask obligation is less the protection of the carrier as the protection of other people and a braking of the increase in the infection, no FFP, but only MNS masks are required, which often also "OP masks" is called. In Austria, they should be briefly available after Wednesday in such a gross number that they can deliver supermarkets to their customers.

In Bavaria, where Minister Prosident Markus Sodder has always adapted the maws in Austria in the Corona crisis, so far with a little delay, is unclear whether the protective masks are sufficient for such a maaking, though on Saturday 600.000 Masks from China arrived, which are now distributed over the technical relief organization. If the mask obligation is introduced in Bavarian supermarkets before they can sell masks at the entrance to the entrance, the Bayern remains only the self-help of protective masks, which is so far a domane’s old ladies.

The Bavarian Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger wants the other. He expects a second delivery of certified nonwoven material for about 5 on Tuesday.000 Masks in FFP-2 or FFP-3 Qualitat, which he takes over the counties and county-free city at Kamwilligen (cf. Covid-19: "Smart Distancing" Fed up "Social Distancing"To).

"Exercise of intensive care" threatens already in mid-April

In other countries, not only is the wearing, but also the helpful of protective masks continued to be widespread than in Germany and partly also produced asthetically interesting results – from the color to the dress MNS of the Slovak State President to Hikeled Cthulhu facial tags, which also one have been able to develop certain spacer.

Briefly, the supermarket mask obligation with one of the Easter Rich Government was charged, which "Significantly stricter macers" demands to the replication factor (which provides information about how many other people infected an average of an average of) short-term "well under one" and "in the medium term in the direction of zero" to print. Another exponential spread through a replication factor about one KONNE namely "no health system of the world" – either in Austria, where in the middle of April one "Exercise of intensive care" Drohe, how to know you currently especially from Italy.

Hazardous groups do not have to go to work, salary payment will be refunded

Vice-Chancellor Kogler, a Gruner, threatened to the Easter, who does not consider the safety distance rule after a first police enermany "consistently displayed". Alone on the last weekend, this experience had 2.Make 000 people. Overall, the number of advertisements due to spacer rules is now at over 10.000.

Kogler’s party friend Answer, the Minister of Health, was a bit more pleasant at the Joint Press Conference: a liberation of particularly hazardous groups of job obligations. Their salary that the employer needs to be further paid is reimbursed by the Austrian State. In addition, however, the stitch problem tested by the opposition parties SPO and FPO stagnant tests on randomly selected Easter riches can be carried out without symptoms. "In order to", The Welser, "we can look at the iceberg itself, not just on the top of the iceberg".

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