Corrupt democracy

Corrupt democracy

Corruption is in Italy system

25 years after the legal investigation "Mani powder" against corruption, abuse and illegal party financing, from which the second republic and many new political movements emerged (including Berlusconis Forza Italia), Italy uses the progress in the fight against corruption today today. Antonio di Pietro, one of the former prosecutors, commented resigned: "The corruption in the public administration has become a system today in Italy."

On February 17, 1992, Milan Mario Chiesa was arrested, a functionary of the Socialist Party, who, with its showing the investigations against corruption throughout Italy, continued. Alone in the Mailder room was against Ca. 4520 Corruption Representatives determined. Minister, entrepreneurs, top politicians had to go from the bean, the entire former lead. The prassident of the National Judges Association and former "Mani powder"-Prosecutor Piercamillo Davigo moves the conclusion:

Practically, no single judgment was enforced … Due to corruption no one comes into the priority. The Italians have resigned.

(Piercamillo davigo)

The mafia advocates the corruption of violence today because corruption in the eyes of Italian society does not seem unacceptable. After a quarter of a century, corruption is still in Italy’s social tumor, which ames the public courses, ruined free competition and, above all, influences the expiration of democratic decision-making processes, as it has penetrated in all democratic institutions to ease them from indoor to free hosts.

Technically refined

There is direct proportionality and democratic order between corruption and democratic deficit and then proves to be corrupt when corruption system becomes. Di Pietro: "…It remains the bitterness that despite everything that has uncovered ‘Mani Pulse’, the system of corruption and passing in the public administration still lives on, but not as sooner: it has’ technically refined ‘to herself’ greater impunity to to back up’. On the other hand, it must be emphasized that the judiciary has not graduated to get the corruption."

"Tangenopoli", So the systematic criminal lenses, which characterize the political system of Italy, continues and thus continues to thrive and thrives further, with the only difference that the openity now believes more bleak and dulled to no saving change. This perverted system could not be eradicated or peaked in the years partout.

Third place in Europe for corruption

According to the corruption perception index (CPI) of Transparency International, Italy ranked in place worldwide worldwide, so third in Europe, only followed by Greece and Bulgaria. Which is currently happening in neighboring Romania’s greatly hoping for a new consciousness formation, but Italy now knows that things are not abruptly changing. A maraud company can only be saved by a new legal entity and a cultural revolution.

In 2012, the National Anti-Corruption Agency Anac has been set up to control compliance with transparency regulations and the pravention measures. Especially in the allocation of publicly appearance, strict controls must be carried out. There are too many difficult-to-use anti-corruption regulations that apply and reduce it to recover transparency and efficiency of the entire system and reduce.

Following the decay of the coarse parties, whose items, which are still part of the party-internal and party-external guiding positions in accordance with non-democratic principles and presented the guarantors of the entire corrupt system, this monopoly position of the Party Various is missing today. The bracken landscape appears rather polycentric and fragmented, but therefore even more systematic and resistant. Sometimes the bribes on high ministerial functionaries, individual industrials, parliamentarians or a raised mafia, such as those of Roma, Mafia Capital.

Ultimately, corruption comes from below

A democracy is then corrupt if the party tips tolerate the many defendants or corruption delicately condemned politicians in their own ranks. A democracy is then corrupt if the parties of their basic task no longer correspond to the Wahler animals if they are not a transfer of political demands and no filters in choosing a lead, which has grown the challenges of governance.

In a corrupt democracy alone, the illusory self-purpose of power efficiency alone, so the possibility, without trusting institutional counterparts and compensation, to find drastic decisions and finding fast solutions, whereby only a few benefit from the definition of breasts and public interests.

Today’s politics without ideal is an excellent humus for the corrupt power, which serves by definition authoritar and undemocratic alone the purpose of enriching a narrow oligarchy more and more to enrich and enemet.

But politics lives from participation and involvement of all. Ultimately, corruption comes from below. She roots in society. Behind every corrupt official is an entrepreneur who is glad to have him on his salary list.

Behind every corrupt-efficient patronage of public institutions is a legion of electors who like to make a favor or promise on the exercise of their burger freedoms and duties.


Here something had to change. An effective anti-corruption policy had to.B. Investing in a long-term optics in education and evaporating the illiteracy, which unfortunately still exists in Italy; because an uneducated population is always helpless the opaque turmoil of the corrupt power bridge.

Further start-up options were the consumption of the process periods or the protection of whistleblowers or the absolute transparency of all public affairs (in 2015 were more than half of the coarse, strategic infrastructure work involved in corruption examinations).

Maybe certain phenomena, such as corruption and crimes, actually seem to be too human in the nature of man and Italians in this regard. Important, I think of commemorating the many, innocent corruption victims, such as the antima factor Falcone and Borsellino, who died in the attempt to free their land from the mafia and the rights and has been able to restore one of corruption and crimetat inhibited people.

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