Corona crisis in the us: work lights and fear of new unemployment

Corona crisis in the US: work lights and fear of new unemployment

the "Back to work"-Relaxations are in criticism. Extra unemployed help runs at the end of July

The business must start again, not only Donald Trump hangs on to this slogan, the goal also pursue politicians of Democrats. Due to its office, its occurrence and the prassidal election in November, Trump is exposed in criticism that the youngest increase in infection numbers in the US with the "Back to work"-Campaign. "The case numbers are rising over the whole area of the US distributed", So the New York Times, "Including in the states that opened to the first objambles." For example, Florida and Texas are meant.

Last weekend, workers in two plants of Fiat Chrysler in Detroit, Michigan, where the infection numbers also rise, exposed production. As a reason, COVID-19 diseases are mentioned in the workforce and lack of protective measures for the safety of the workers. Three working layers in succession rejected the production in the Fiat Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP), where 5.000 employees are employed, continue to supply. Also in another Fiat Chrysler plant, the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (Shap) with 7.300 staff, the production was shut down on Saturday after workers have experienced by a positively tested material supplier who had contact with production workers.

"We do not know how long this person already worked and the disease spread", Becomes a shap worker from the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) quoted. As a background information against pre-fast reviews of this statement is worth mentioning that there was 5 dead under the workers in connection with a Covid-19 disease, as the socialist website reports.

On WSWS is more detailed via production stops in the two Detroiter Auto works (here and here reported; smaller messages were also available in the local press (also here). In these, however, is not or hardly before, what the capitalism critics of the socialist website very well: that the Fiat-Chrysler workers are also against the position of the union – United Auto Workers – have opted for the production stop and that it is interested in the fact that there is a lot of flame to keep this forelegal to a small flame and to report as much as possible.


That does not just assert WSWS authors, but also that Economic Policy Institute, in German: "Economic Policy Institute". There are striking limits when passing on data when it comes to strikes: "It is impossible to experience the full emotion of strike activities in the US", Writing the Think Tank, which represents the interests of the lower and medium-sized layers, in a post that appeared last week: the Statistical Buro of the Ministry of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS) is very restrictive with the data collection.

Data on strikes in companies under 1.000 employees working in a layer were not included "like strikes that are directly connected to the corona pandemic". But they have given it in some companies, including Amazon, McDonalds or Fedex. That was in May.

End Marz and in April, the US population became aware of several strikes, so that in the left-liberal magazine The nation The hope was loud, after which the Corona virus crazy could improve the situation of the workers – "for good" : Better lean, more rights, more say. At that time, in mid-April, just discovered in the richer western countries that there are system-relevant workforce, which one did not perceive before.

Emergency aids for unemployed: how high will the next checks be?

Now the view has changed. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) warns that the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is warning in the program of emergency aids for unemployed in the Corona crisis. The 2.2 trillion US dollar heavy coronavirus AID, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) law, which was adopted at the end of Marz, runs at the end of July. "Who by far the best part", so the epi, "was the significant increase in unemployment insurance by 600 US dollars a week". The last extra payment will give it a week, the 25. July ends.

Trump ordered another stimulus package without praising, "How high the check for unemployed will be". considerations, the website of the investor community The Motley Fool reports from discussions of the Republicans, go in the tendency to reward worked over tax reliefs more.

Most recently, the Government of Trump made headlines with their project, the health insurance law from times of the government Obama ("Affordable Care Act"), further dismantling what, according to press reports, could do that about 20 million without health insurance, "without the Republicans had provided you an alternative" (Slate).


Accordingly suspicious to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) on the further authorization of extra unemployment understatement. You already warn against the consequences of a drop. There were not the incentives gross to look for a job (keyword: more money is lazy – now America’s unemployed people like to stay at home), but that has been less demand and thus less jobs.

An extension of the extra payment of weekly 600 US dollars for the unemployed has increased the gross domestic product, so the EPI argument, which they occupy with multiple graphics, tables and estimates, and the hiring of help has increased the number of unemployed even more As in the crisis years at the beginning of the 1990s and the 2000s (however, this is also amazingly commented on that it "does not have to come"To).

As Dunn is the distance between better prospects and a deepening of the crisis, the note shows that from 20 million unemployed in the US 15 million as "Temporary unemployed" get ranked. If the increase in corona infections in the US continues, so the risk arises that the temporary unemployment persists long. For Trump’s success in the election in November, a lot depends on it.

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