Cooperation between turkey and is: new premieges

Documents on the Olhandel between Turkey and the IS Refuting Statements of the Turkish President Erdogan. There are not the only plans that a collaboration with the IS suggest

The premieges for the entanglements of Turkey with the Islamic state continue. The so-called Democratic Powered Syria (SDF), a military object in Syria with the involvement of the Kurdish PYG, are according to their own statements important, meaningful documents in the conquest of the city of Asch-Schaddadi in the north of Syria (Gouvernement Al-Hasaka) beginning Marz 2016 in the Handen please.

In addition, several IS campers were captured, the extensive statements about the support of Turkey for the IS. Reporters of the Russian television station RT visited Ash-Schaddadi 10 days after being freed. There you were presented the documents from the SDF.

The liberation of ash-schaddadi. Screenshot from an YPG video

The reporter team travels straight through North Syria. In addition to Asch-Schaddi, they visited the city of Rmelan, Qamishlo and Tel Abjad. The extensive material, as well as interviews with Olgebund for the IST and captured and captured and captured and captured is published in April as a documentary film.

Asch-Schaddadi pays 10.000 inhabitants and is the biggest Olforderzentrum in the north of Syria. The IS Campers fall in love with their homes and loves in addition to important documents when taking the city.

Indicators for older between Turkey and IS

Among the documents, for example, be authorities for the olfactory. There is held out from which borehole how much OL was pumped and what a barrel cost, everything with stamp of IS. These documents are presented by Sputnik News, a medium controversial in the openness, as it is known as RT, for its parties.

Of that, however, the submitted documents have a meaningful. According to the Russian news medium, quantity directories of the loaded oil. The price per barrel of Rohol should therefore be between 12 and 26 dollars. A documented list can be found in that alone on the 23. January by the KABIB Storage 383 Barrel OL worth 13 dollars per barrel were loaded. That’s just under 5.000 Dollars only on this day.

The captured Turkish IS camphor Mahmut Gazi Tatar crafted against the RT reporters, after which Is the OL sells the Turkey.

It is traded – I know exactly. In addition, the IS with food and other necessary guards is supplied. (…) He helps him with money, weapons and ammunition. And that happens completely open.

Mohammed Ahmed, who was also captured, exber that he, like most Is-camphor, had come to Syria over the Turkey. By plane, without visa.

Investigation commission to check the authenticity

Members of the SDF presented the journalists pile with fit of IS-fighting from countries like Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Libya, Russia and Tunisia. They were all provided with a trimming temple of Turkey.

The reporter Stuart Ramsay by Sky News were already presented at the end of 2015 from the Kurdish self-defense unit in Kobane Passe with a Turkish departure stamp.

Under the found material was also a book entitled: "How needs an ideal fight against the criminal regime of Assad must be guided". It was printed in Istanbul, the address is easy to read on the published photo. It was supposedly found in a hospital of ash-schaddadi.

It is also possible, however, that with the photos in a reportage alone is not proved nothing. Therefore, the Bundestag Member of the Left, Andrej Hunko calls for the documents to be submitted to an international inquiry commission to prove authenticity and avoid that they are from the Turkish government as Fakes including the raised pre-yarns can be wiped off the table.

The Kurdish firat news reported by documents found by Pyg or SDF members in Asch-Schadadi and other places (Hol, Kizwan and Gre Spi / Tall Abyaḍ) in ied IS quarters. It is u.a. In order to be in Turkical language, instructions for military education, coming to the suspicion of possible cooperation between the Turkish intelligence service and awaken the IS.

According to Firat News, the Standy Ambassador of Russia has submitted to the United Nations, Witalli Technikin, the Security Council documents for illegal arms trade between Turkey and the parts of Syria, which are under the control of IS.

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