Consumer centers: money even for german vw customers

According to reports on planned monetary payments on the AuthaStas scandal at Volkswagen Autobeschweg in the USA, consumer protections have demanded a similar scheme for Germany. "The company has to be responsible," said Klaus Muller, board of the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV), the Rheinische Post From Monday. "Therefore, such vouchers in Germany were the minimum to decide the affected consumers."

Volkswagen is apparently offering money affected car owners in the USA. Owners of diesel cars should be given as redegoing vouchers worth up to $ 1250 (around 1150 euros), the online portal reported The Truth About Cars. A Volkswagen spokesman in Wolfsburg said on Sunday: "Volkswagen of America informed his handlers over a planned action. Details will be communicated by VW of America in the coming week."Unclear was first, whether the Volkswagen customers in return for the money payment should be for their right to do.

To work up the exhaust scandal, the Volkswagen Supervisory Board is again on Monday. At the weekend, the suspicion had been suspected that in case of wrong consumption data (measured in CO2) on the cars itself and not to the prunes was manipulated.

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