Consumer centers: manufacturers should pay diesel update

Consumer centers insist that automakers complete the costs of pollutant improvements in millions of diesel vehicles completely. "Those who have brought us all the soup were the automakers," said the Chief of Consumer Centers (VZBV), Klaus Muller, on Thursday (6. July 2017) in Berlin. The policy must therefore remain steadfast and uncompromisingly track the polluter pays principle. Neither affected customers nor the taxpayer had to pay a single euro.

In view of the imminent driving bans in several bats, the industry has called for an initiative to reduce nitric oxide emissions of oldine diesel. All German manufacturers plan to offer a software update for motors of the exhaust standard Euro 5. This should be part of a maaking packet that the car makers to a diesel summit of the Federal Government on 2. Want to submit august. About the costs should be spoken at this meeting, striking it from the industry.

In the conversation is according to information Business week among other things, a fund for measures to improve the air qualitat, the federal government and the auto industry should be financed for half. From the volume in average three-digit millionhow, for example, digital control systems could be implemented for better traffic flow.

With regard to the general protection of consumer rights, consumer centers call on the original Federal Government to raise trust. Especially with internet and telephone services as well as finance and insurance companies reveal still need for action.

Specifically, VZBV chief Muller called for legal rules for comparison portals. "Consumers can not be sure that they receive the best result first in the standard sorting."Unclear, to what extent commission payments influence the ranking. Which providers are involved in comparison with comparisons, users could not recognize.

Bundes consumer Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) had broken down in more transparency with algorithms, which can influence offers for different users. Used, for example, a conductive control is to be used to check functions, basics and consequences of algorithms.

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