Clean kase from the laboratory

Clean Kase from the laboratory

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Future Foods – The future of diet is animal free

In addition to the meat industry, the cacer position pays for the climate finder of food production. For a liter of milk, 1000 liters of water are consumed, and for a kilogram of Kase the tenfold amount of milk. A New Zealandic company now wants to produce vegan cheese from milk egg. Free of lactose and poor CO2 balance, good for the intestine and good for the environment.

Vegetarianism is no longer involved as fashion, and even a way of life dispensing quite to products of animal origin, is more and more useful. Around 1.3 million people live in Germany Vegan. While the rough majority of occasional meat talent seems to be conceivable, many hold on dairy products. Love and expensive is above all Kase. At this, the Descentroses are rarely mentioned for land, air and water.

Around 20 million tonnes of Kase are produced over the world. For this purpose, the tenfold amount of whole milk is notified, which are generated by around 260 million dairy cow. These in turn need tons of water, food and agricultural land. In addition, each cow stabs several hundred liters of greenhouse gas methane – a day. Summa Summarum, the climate balance of Kase is miserable. It ranks straight to lamb and beef in third place of climate wrease among food and is even worse than pork.

Kase made of cow’s milk, only without kiss

"Kase is the most important reason why most vegetarians resp. Flexitarier ultimately does not become vegan", Says Matt Gibson in the NZ Herald. He is the land of New Zealandic Startup New Culture. His company has committed itself to the mission, "Clean Kase" establish. Gibson: "We make Kase from cow’s milk, only without kiss."

Clean Kase is the latest form of "Future foods", Food of the future. In addition, herbal products to replace egg, milk and meat. With the aim of locking up animal suffering, pollution and glades, not only plant alternatives are served, but also on radically new production methods set: meat cultivated in the laboratory, so-called "In vitro meat". From the laboratory will soon come Kase.

Mozzarella is customary: you take buffel or cow’s milk, let the milk egg coin with the help of Lab gereans and lays the resulting balls in brine. Purified, vegan mozzarella, on the basis of flea seed shells, is made on the basis of flea seed shells, where taste and feel are hidden under a strain of basil brackets and tomato slices (must).

New Culture relies on both: Vegan Kase from milk egg. Milk egg is indispensable when it’s about to imitate the taste experience of genuine Kase, so Gibson. Instead of winning the milk egg from the milk of cowen, it is produced with the help of microorganisms in the laboratory. Mixed with sugar and vegetable fats, Mozzarella, who does not just taste as good as the real, but also shoes in the mouth.

75% of adult world-life voluing contracts no milk sugar

At a public questionnaire a few days ago on Reddit Matt Gibson stated many curious questions. For example, if the Kase is good melt (yes), why uberhaupt mozzarella and not Parmesan (Parmesan needs about a year for maturation, Mozzarella, on the other hand, only a few days), and what should happen to the cow if they are unemployed (hopefully they then run around freely!To).

This on Reddit format of the public questionnaire, which can also be interpreted as market research or mood check, also showed: Unlike in vitro meat, the chamber of the Laboratory does not disapprove of the lab, but rose to coarse interest. Many reddit users asked in particular after the lactose content of the novel mozzarella. Gibson could float: the Kase is lactose-free.

Forwardly, the rapid maturation of Parmesan may have given the rash to experiment with mozzarella. But since his lactose content is comparatively high, Mozzarella is also marketing strategic the better choice: he is the most popular casing worldwide, and its demand will increase its demand in those regions in which a high proportion of people in lactose intolerance suffer. 98% in sudostasies, 75% in Sudamerica, and even in the country of origin of the mozzarellas, in Italy, it is about 50%. at least, for at least 75% of adult global volculation, the consumption of lactose-containing foods brings digestive problems with them.

The fact that lactose intolerance is considered deficeaies and not as a normal case of human digestion lies to Northern Europe. According to the EU research project Leche, in the Neolithic, a gene mutation would allow this to split the milk sugar in adult age. The prestigious science magazine nature calls that "Milk Revolution". Today, the earth reaches under the burden of industrial food production. Time for a new revolution?

Indbio: Be Part of the Revolution!

Gibson summarizes the most relevant reason: 1 liter of milk needs 1000 liters of water, mass husbandry is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, 56bn. Farm animals are rendered or a third of worldwide agricultural flats is used for mass farming and animal feed production, and to produce 1kg protein, a cow 75 to 300kg must consume dry food.

Unnamed: sick animals, broken earth, climate catastrophe. Not only the milk, but the knowledge of their production is hard to digest.

Gibson is not concerned with making lactose-free replacement, but everywhere, where it is biotechnologically possible to revolutionize the entire production method of milk products. The mozzarella from the laboratory should not only taste, but also one "new culture" Create milk economy, therefore also the name New Culture.

With his mission, he has already been able to convince the world-growing bio-tech accelerator IndieBio, and moved with his company to San Francisco in its incubator in its incubator. In the high-end laboratories of IndieBio Tufteln the best biohackers to market maturity of their products: meat from the Petri dish, tree-free wood, smart bees, artificial eggs, fish breeding made of solar energy – and now also Kase.

Organic technology is Silicon Valleys Newest Steckhorse, and Indbio brings the rich investors with refined biologists, under the motto: Be Part of the Revolution! Bill Gates and Richard Branson, both vegan, should already have invested in the artificial meat of Memphis Meat, one of the first companies demanded by IndieBio. Already 2021 should "Clean Meat" come to the US superscripts.

It will not be so fast for the Kase of New Culture. The very coarse investors have not yet attached. On your website you now offer a waiting list for the first taste sample.

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