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Munchen, 5. August 2014 – The Family Commercial Volkswagen Golf Variant and Mazda6 must be measured here in their 150 hp diesel variant against each other. Unfair, they say there? Well, although the golf is compact class, in its combination version Variant, he has worked up in price and space but so far upwards that we can compete him in good conscience against the international middle class.

The golf is at the same high 20 centimeters short than the Mazda, and four centimeters are missing at the width, but he offers a comparable coarse interior. Otherwise there are golf variant and Mazda6 combi tight together. Both fractioned over a common Commonrail diesel, manual circuit and a puss offer. In view of a barely speech value distance of only 1235 euros, which the Golf as COMFORTLINE (including the 150 hp engine is not) more expensive than the entry-level model of the Mazda, you could ask the question: is the combi-golf incredibly expensive or the mazda6 combi a snap?

Incredibly expensive or a snap?

If it should be a more powerful diesel, then you will not get around the 150 hp two-liter TDI at the VW Golf Variant. Since we did not receive a front drive test car on time, we have to compare apple with pears, so the 4Motion all-wheel version of the Golf with the four-wheel-free Mazda6 station wagon. On possible differences through the different drive concepts we have in the text but. The Japanese offer the family combination only with front wheel drive, at Volkswagen costs 4WD 1850 Euro.

About 1.6 tonnes is the VW Golf Variant 2.0 TDI 4Motion heavy and also with front drive he was only around 90 kilograms easier. The 150 hp diesel attracts with 340 nm torque from 1750pm after a small turbochool very well, the performance is good for a family combination. So the Golf Variant – yes, whether as an all-wheeller or with front drive! – the spurt from 0 to Tempo 100 in 8.9 seconds. The highest speed is considerable 214 km / h for the 4Motion and 218 km / h for normal export. The amustere level at high speeds is pleasantly low. Unfortunately, this is only profitable for consumption, because of the in view 4.8 liters diesel is little to traces in everyday life. Unlike 6.5 liters is hardly something to do. However, Volkswagen consumption data certifies the all-wheeller also a non-insignificant disadvantage of at least 0.6 liters to 100 kilometers.

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