China launches unmanned moon landing – collecting rock planned

China launches unmanned moon landing - collecting rock planned

China launches an unmanned mission mission, with the first of the first four decades, rocked rocks from the ground trabor for more than four decades. At the Wenchang world space station on the Sudchinese island of Hainan, a rocket of the type was on Monday "Long march 5" refueled the spaceship "Chang’e 5" to bring the way to the ground trabants. As a start window, the news agency Xinhua 21 called.00 to 22.00 clock mez on Monday evening.

Rock back to earth

The spaceship named after the Chinese moongottine should bring a landing on the earth’s trabants, making holes and collecting rocks. In a successful return of return, China is the third space nation in the 60s and the Soviet Union in the 60s and 70s, which succeeds such a project. Most recently, the Soviet "Luna 24"-Mission 1976 moon dust brought to earth.

The 8200 kilogram heavy spaceship consists of four modules: the orbiter with the backposting capsule as well as the lander with the ascent stage. The Lander is intended to invest in the volcano named after the German astronomer Karl Rumker (1788-1862) "Mons Rumker" land. It is in the "Ocean of the storm" In the upper, left part of the earth facing side of the moon.

Complicated mission

The mission is considered one of the most complicated who has made China’s space so far: For the first time, a Chinese climbing stage was again started from the moon, taking away rock samples and make a docking manove in the orbit of the earth’s trabor before the backposting capsule back to earth. The landing is on 16. or 17. December expected in the inner Mongolia.

It is only the second regular flight of more than 800 tonnes of heavy rocket "Long march 5", After such a type in July the Marssonde "Tanwen-1" had launched. Initially, there were problems with the engine of the new heavy duty trackets who had guided to a shift of the mission by three years.

The Chinese moon flight takes place 51 years after the first manned moon landing of the USA on 21. July 1969, at the Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin the first person entered the surface of the ground trabants. The US posted her manned mission missions "Apollo 17" in December 1972.

China pursues an ambitious space program with missions to the moon and Mars as well as building a private space station. In January 2019, China landed as a first space nation "Chang’e 4" On the relatively unexplored ground facing side of the moon. A rover was exposed, which further explored the surface.

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