Brutal and clarifying, misanthropical and burlesque

Brutal and clarifying, misanthropical and burlesque

Image: New Visions Film Hire

Sad tropics: Ulrich Seidl’s Grobwhagdoku "safari" shows Europe’s hunting

You will like to be in our latitudes as "Stone time people in the present" denotes, which equates to conviction and defamation or as a strange, somehow yesterday described yesterday: the Jager. Not extreme sexual or religious practices or naked nonsense are obviously the true taboo of our present, but the dead of animals.

Although it has something else again, when a Jagery on his homepage jammed:

Few things in Europe of the 21st century have fallen from the time, like the hunt. In many parts of the public, it is advisable to abnormal sexual practices, drug use or as a fan of the jungle camp as a Jager to others.

A hunter

But wrong is not wrong. Of this "Abnormal" Shants the Easter-Rich filmmaker Ulrich Seidl. By watching us with something we do not want to see, but want to see it, Seidl delivers the spectacle society a coarse spectacle.

You are dispatching and dispute as much as you want, but you do not claim that the square is round and hunting is not a privilege.

Jose Orga y Gasset, meditations over the hunt

"safari" shrewd "trip" on Kisuaheli. The journey, from which here is the question, is the very different thing of the Easter-Rich filmmaker Ulrich Seidl and that of his protagonists, a scarce dozen wealthier – or "richer"; You can only suspect that – Osterreicher into the Sudwest Africa.

There in Namibia they live in lodges for a few weeks, which are equipped with the accessories of colonialism like the hunting romantic, with trophical getotender wild animals as with colorful rugs, African wooden plates and European fans. They pull on Khaki-colored clothes and a hat over his head. In British jeeps, chauffeies of black servants and guided by female hunting vehicles, they are guided to burst where opportunities offer to push rough game.

The system of coarse world hunting

The safari, from which this is mentioned here, is the coarse world hunt – Seidl’s new film renounces on played or staged action. He is clearly documentary as his "Passion trilogy" (See racism for the educated under his challengers).

But for passions it works here. Because so very Seidl describes the system of coarse wildcadence – you can order certain animals regularly for launch; Nothing is guaranteed, but much likely, the price varies with the rarity of the animal: giraffes are expensive, zebras cheap – so much is all about psychological dispositions of the hunting, the willingness to the dead or the desire. And he has the rich cultural historical implications that go back to it. In addition, all this is, this will not be clear immediately to separate each other.

The lost experience, Mr. Over life and death

The movie already sets one with a scene that shows a single Jager with his hunting fleet. The film gives us spectators first once a feeling for the time, the duration and mushroom of the preparation to the animal. You can look through binoculars, you hear the breath of the Jagers, and with his excitement also grows the tension of the viewer.

Brutal and clarifying, misanthropical and burlesque

Image: New Visions Film Hire

When the shot falls, the Jager lacks, only the second attempt succeeds, and even then the animal is not dead immediately – just that it is not very opposed to this exposure. And at the same time, Seidl succeeds in the portrait of the protector and its relief by the success of the success of the success of a trace of one, completely released from the average Europe of the present (but only of this), earlier everyday experience: experience, Mr. About life and death be, at least over life and death of animals.

There must be a yearning for this experience, the universal is human. It may seem morally condemnable, and in the process of civilization a retarding, archaic element tilder – but she is there, she has something to do with us all, and this recourse to the audience, which the filmmaker presents unpleasant, yet fascinating, rare pictures , it is obvious in the center of the interest of Seidl.

As always at Ulrich Seidl is also the most interesting thing in this film, which he simply shows. And he shows a lot: how hunted and shot; How open erotically, the Jagery excites on the pending, the shot itself and the gluckle experience of the dead responsive; How the dead animals are draped to the photo afterwards; How these are transported to the lodge – and above all, how to spend it afterwards.

Brutal and clarifying, misanthropical and burlesque

Image: New Visions Film Hire

In this bloody business, in which the guts are eliminated, the blood is washed away, which is cleaned and secured for the trophicea, and the meat is distributed to the servants, Seidl finds something like the substance of hunting.

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