Brandenburg: fur spd and linke is no longer enough

Brandenburg: FUR SPD and LINKE is no longer enough

Uckermark. Photo: Ralf Hermtwig

For a majority of government, it needs a coalition with the green. The AFD is secondary party. The FDP does not create the entry into the state parliament

The parties of the government coalition, the SPD like the CDU, had to be feder in the two state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg. While this had been expected, as the result, however, corresponds to a long-way series of voices, the Federal Policy Signal will be subjected to new reviews. It fits that a first election analysis of the ARD for Brandenburg noted that 48 percent of the SPD mullels are not convinced by the coalition in Berlin. "Impulsion" was also the vocabulary, which was extremely pronounced in the first reactions from the AFD representative to Berlin.

In Brandenburg, the SPD remains at 19 o’clock after the extrapolation at 7 pm, which presented the ZDF with 26.4 percent of the strongest party, but thus lost at the 2004 election result (31.9 percent) rich 5.5 percentage points. Your previous coalition partner, the left, achieves 10.4 percent at ZDF extrapolation. The Came of even more clear loss of 8.2 percentage points opposite the state elections from 2014. At that time, at least 18.6 percent rated the Left Party.

This shows, without federal speculation, a significant dissatisfaction with the government coalition in the state of Brandenburg. The SPD and the Left Party now had to get the green in the coalition to achieve a seating majority with their 9.9 percent, which predicts the extrapolation at 19 o’clock. Grunen gained compared to 2014, where they came to 6.2 percent, therefore 3.7 percentage points. That’s a success, but he falls towards what is the current high of the grunes, as it shows in surveys and has already provided a lot of food for comments, for possibly held by.

The CDU comes to 15, 5 percent and thus loses more than the SPD, namely 7.5 percentage points in 2014 (23.0 percent).

Voice winner AfD

In all the losses and the probable failure of the FDP at the 5 percentage (4.2 percent, the research group elections highlighted high) and that narrower than expected or hoped for fancy voices of voices of the grunes, there is a winner that the emigrants from the other parties Collected and that is, as predicted in many preliminary products, the AFD.

It comes to 24.4 percent according to the cured extrapolation. The national rights were thus raised by half of the state election in 2014. At that time, she achieved 12.2 percent as a newcomer in the state parliament. Top candidate Andreas Kalbitz said to his project asked that one "make a strong opposition". He saw this as an intermediate stage for the way "more responsibility".

Good in the race for the entry into the country parliament lie the Brandenburg United Burgerbewegungen / Free Wahler, whom 5 percent of the electoral votes are extrapolated. Whether they came in question for a coalition formation, is still open.

The ARD extrapolation from 19 clock 15 shows differently clear deviations from the, which presented ZDF to the similar time. The SPD stands there at 26.5 percent, which is a relatively low difference. The 15.75 percentage of the CDU is slightly low. Clarifier falls out of the AFD. In the ARD extrapolation of IMAP she gets 23.8 percent (instead of 24.4 as with the research group elections).

The exact percentages and the seat distribution in the new Brandenburg state parliament will still turn out. It will be interesting how to explain the voting win of the AFD, which now realized.

A strategy will go out, which is already in the title in the ARD article for the mentioned extrapolation: "SPD wins in Brandenburg clearly before the AFD" , according to the motto "First, the main thing won against the Talk Party". But that does not help these appeasement subsidies of the SPD, the party was also clear to the party.

"The turning" Was the election logan of the AfD – whatever this may mean – she did not do it, in fact, to get the electoral understatement for a government. Nevertheless, the gross success must give a lot to think a lot to the other parties. The SPD for example needs to be aware that many of her elegant age are ("About seventy", so the ARD), during the AFD according to the ARD analysis in the younger better score.

The SPD was positive positively, which, after all, the most votes from all parties brought out as a work order to better orient their policy. If it goes according to the ARD, the AfD on Wahler, who are dissatisfied with the other parties and turn away from protest. According to an ARD analysis, which was presented shortly before 19 o’clock, 56 percent of the AFD-Wahler explained that the "Afd pronounces what can not be said in other parties." This was taken as a sign that the AFD-Wahler has made her cross more protest against the other parties.

A personal selection?

It was also lifted that the voting was very much to do with the persons who ran. Thus, the reigning ministerial prestigent was held by the SPD, Dietmar Woidke, that against poor survey values, he was still a catch-up, which is due to his person, which can rather than the federal SPD on believeness.

Is still unclear how it is in this regard with the person of the AFD top candidate Andreas Kalbitz. Uber Kalbitz, who is not a Brandenburg, but immigrated from Bavaria, had recently reports that he had likely to be on cloth flowering with extreme rights or is his political position deep in the national rights bearing.

His election campaign did not demonstrate concrete political solutions, such as carbon degradation in Lausitz, but fundamental positions based on system criticism. That took up the SPD, the left and the greats to warn against a submerge of democracy. It is certain that the right-right calvage polarizes. Whether the more possible AFD-Wahler deterred or dressed?

Apparently, the personal effect was also limited, as can be read on the commitment of the Grunen Chairman Annalena Baerbock. She lives in Brandenburg and is a member of a constituency in Brandenburg. She had, how to say one "Home advantage", However, the EUPhoriewelle of the greats could not convey them to the Wahler in Brandenburg as some hoped for.

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