Obscurrent by public – lobotomies of attention in the media society

Remember at last year? There was this thing with the two tower, or? In America. Washington. But no, New York. Exactly. In New York was that.

A spooky phenomenon of the media society: During hardly any day passes, where you do not see the aircraft in the WTC lawn, the event simultaneously forgotten, the event horizon exceeds that black hole of meaninglessness, in which everything disappears, what we medial, Well, experience. This at a time when the political fallout of the catastrophe first begins to fall down to us, and at which its consequences, albeit in the hidden, if in detail, to make our everyday life.

At least since the turn of the year, it is clear that the media follow-up of 9-11 to a blatant example of "Obscurrent by public" is: During the first time after the disaster of the spectators was blinded by a non-endorsed drum fire of images, expert rounds, shrubs of political designers, the very relevant changes of political disk tectonics disappear in the background articles on page 10 of the daily newspaper, which only read from the Politnerds will. The groohn of the total hysteria has been replaced by a totally unsuitable gamber in the political undergrowth; This is a more confusing process, as both treatment and presentations are partially restless: On N-TV you can once again see the explosions, in the day show the adoption of the "Anti-terrorist packages" Among them were negotiated.

It is easy to see that the bonding exclusion of the 3. World War II How to Administrate the Apocalypse Two different sides of a machinery of the advanced historization are that they produce the black hole mentioned above first. For the time immediately after the striking, this becomes clear in a strange saying species, which came practically on the table when the WTC was not yet injured: "After this stop, nothing will be like before." The rags still flew and were already historical.

The discrete conferences of the expert bar and the quietly handed out articles of "Analyst" Furthermore, only the progressive emotional emotition of the events are marked in anyway. Adorno called it once "Veneering context" In the cultural industry: in the seemingly bright spotlight that the media on the world disappears, the importance of the large monstrosities disappears. This process of design, which has gained more and more driving since Chernobyl, apparently still achieves the high degree of perfection.

In the black hole, which reserved the media for the young persons, not only the thrill has disappeared, but also a whole war, anthrax terror, "unrestrained solidarity" Sackewise, 3900 German soldiers who were not needed because the war was over too quickly, and, until further notice, Osama bin Laden. A very own "Furie of disappearance" is there at the factory, the colossal events with the left elegance of a pocket player.

Cannon boat policy

Even the more interesting development, which is undoubtedly the most interesting development, namely the highly growing military agility of the latest in Germany, has disappeared in this abyss of attention. You might have to tell you to disappear away, because it’s just the infinitely patientist of steady progress in this matter, which hides him in front of the eyes of the audience. Which has become self-consuming by habitually, no longer excites frown. Whether the FRG "Lead nation" At the Macedonia use of the KFOR becomes whether she opened a military object in Djibouti or whether German ABC units are stationed in Kuwait – a couple "Left-wing radical" Interested in velvet and beautiful words packed imitation of German cannon boat policy from the beginning of the last century nobody. The frosted media are concerned with the theme anyway, as if it were with a few tangentials "Entertainment articles" About the capriols of the Minister Scharping is shot.

This is how it works with everything in the entourage of the 11.9.2001 Forking, decided, has been enforced. It is traded stopless. Nothing is clarified. The audience will, if supervised, provided for completed facts, which may be watching ex post until vomiting, and all background reports of the finer and less fine blatter do not brighten the background. The basic amption of the conspiration theoretick, that the true policy takes place in secret, is as always correct, but his paradoxical claim, yet to know exactly what happens, as always fails: Parts of the hidden lie openly vacation (Wofur not least the Paramedien The intelligence theorist worries) and the rest will be hidden us so long until he is no longer relevant.

In view of this condition of the processing of news, the honorable demand for transparency goes into the emptiness, because the media is obviously unstable for transparency, and because transparency can only exist in societies that they bear at all. Among other things, the true slogan in world politics currently does not mean "After these beating is nothing more like before", but "Business as usual". Until the next 11.9.

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