Blender for maker: workshop with the free virtual tux days

Blender for maker: Workshop with the free virtual Tux days

Blender for maker, Live and in dialogue: on Saturday, the 21. November from 16:15 clock shows the Blender tutor and book author Carsten Wartmann in a 45-minute workshop as part of the virtual Tux days, as the free 3D package blender for the construction of technical objects is suitable, which is about one Customize 3D printer or with the help of a CNC fries. Because although blender is known primarily as an open source tool for renderings and animation films, it is possible to construct pracisisably manifold and by the skillful use of non-destructive Modifier is also such a similar as well as parametric construction possible, which one knows from the CAD world.

How that everything looks like in practice shows Carsten Wartmann live in his workshop. To model two simple objects with the blender tools, a question of questioners should be adhered to the answers – if possible – also shown in Blender. If you always wanted to ask Carsten Wartmann something to blender, now has the opportunity for the Tux days.

Update, 23.11.20, 18:06: If you missed the LiveStream, you can watch the session here:

The Blender expert was allowed to be aware of some make readers as author in the magazine, but also as a tutor of the make-video tutorial series 3D course for maker: Constructing with blender. This is (now again) to the video-on-demand service of Vimeo available and consists of almost 5 hours of tutorials. Four videos from the series is free, other costs. Optionally, you can buy the complete course as a package for 19.90 euros or specifically individual consequences, watching and downloading online in the browser. The prices start at 2 euros per episode and go up to 7 euros, depending on the long of the episode. If you want to buy the complete course as a download, this can alternatively be more in the heise shop.

Special offer: borrow instead of buying

As a special campaign one can come from the weekend of the Tux days (so from Saturday, the 21. November 2020) to including Sunday, the 29. November 2020, all paid videos of our tutorial series for the price of one Euro each "lend" – An option we do not offer otherwise: You log in with your free user account at Vimeo, elections the desired video from our series, pay the Euro Dafur and can view it from this time for 24 hours in the browser at Vimeo. During the regulations Purchase price The individual consequences for the long time set up, we set the for our special action Loan Uniform to 1 euro for every video, regardless of its long.

More about Linux at the Tux days

The Tux days are a virtual event around Linux, which on Saturday, the 21. and Sunday, the 22. November live in the network. Participation is free. The program from presenting, discussions, workshops and crosslinking meetings starts on Saturday by 10, runs until 18 o’clock and then goes to the Gaming night above. On Sunday it goes on at 10 o’clock with an online breakfast, the virtual Tux days end finally with the farewell at 19 o’clock. Streamed among other things on YouTube.

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