Bitkom: every fifth doctor still puts on the fax

Bitkom: Every fifth doctor still puts on the fax

In many medical practices in Germany is still communicated as before the train train of the Internet: The telephone is the most important channel in exchange with patients (77 percent), pharmacies (61 percent) and practices (53 percent). This is the result of a survey presented on Tuesday, which the Digital Association Bitkom has carried out together with the Arzteverband Hartmannbund among more than 500 doctors.

Around every fun doctor (19 percent) keep contact with medical practices peritularly by mail, 22 percent set primarily on the fax. Only every 20. Doctor communicates mostly via e-mail with other practices, pharmacies or the patient. "I have abolished my fax about 20 years ago, because nothing happened anymore. But it is stuck in healthcare", said bitkom-prassident achim mountain.

Practical doctors skeptical

Within the practices and clinics, the digitization of the survey proceeds, however: medication planes creates every second doctor mostly digital. A digital patient record is already in use at 66 percent. Almost a third of the interviewed doctors preserves the files very traditionally stuck in barriers or shelves.

There are rough differences in the use of digital technologies in the medical everyday life: During the doctors in clinics, the mostly open for digital health offers were, doctors in practices showed more skeptical. The most important majority of the clinic doctors (86 percent) sees in digitization mainly opportunities for health care. Only ten percent hold digitization for a risk. For the practice doctors, only 53 percent emphasize the chances of 39 percent, on the other hand, the risk. There is also a significant difference between medicines and doctors: 74 percent of women see digitization as an opportunity, but only 63 percent of the men.

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