Bigfoot: from mail paul to sms-saul

A freemail provider is against mail spam, but for mass SMS

What is worse than email spam? Sure, everything that the victims even more stort and costs and disposing of even more densely falls. Like fax spam, telephone terror and SMS advertising.

In Germany, the usability of the SMS was rightly recognized, which from 1995 could not only report that in the mobile phone mailbox is something to be picked up: with that of Wakewerth Bertram developed PC message could also be sent to mobile phones for the first time via modem, even before it was possible with the first Nokia models to send them from mobile phone themselves. Practical was that PC message texts like "Meeting relocated at 14 o’clock" also could send to several numbers – up to 6 in the minute – before the network operators fitted artificial brakes.

Their practical beneficeability then proved this software for the first time at CeBIT 1996: The whole sales team of the mobile phone provider Cellway belonging to Mobilcom-based mobile phone providers Cellway had the day over the fibers of their mobile number in the "PC message" registered at the booth. When the notebook was shut down and folded on the evening, SAB then the scarf in the neck and it was sent quickly to all yet:

"Hello, we see each other at the D2 party at the champague? Susanne"

Shortly thereafter, the distribution board showed very proud of the marketing colleague his mobile phone. After that, the technical chief presented his travers. As a next time the marketing chief said: "Human, finally, I know what SMS is good!" and showed his cellphone to the distribution leader and the marketing colleague. The distribution board thought nothing to see the same message at the colleague. Only the colleague from the marketing slowly came to grave and when she also showed a hotliner pride his mobile phone, she turned to the side and turbed:

"Sach time – Were you that???"

Otherwise nobody became suspicious. Everyone knew any Susanne, trusted her the SMS and at the D2 party was initially surmosted that there was no champagess. Only with the common search for this, at least some SMS receptionists went on. As a revenh, the fully innocent marketing chief in the next board meeting received the meaning-pregnant text message:

"Hello, treasure, I’m pregnant – why do not you announce yourself?? Your Ramona"

From the initial jokes, an initially hand-knit SMS server, which supplied directly to the mobile network. All employees were allowed to test him as desired, but with the warning: "Caution, the screen of the server can view anyone, so think about what you are sending!"

The Affare, the company Merkam

A lady did not matter. When the server was fired after a long weekend and had to be rewatered Monday Fruh under interested sympathy of half the workforce, a dozen loving loving swing went promptly under coarse-laughed laughter to the connection of an external agency to the journey. Now everyone was clear why the lady was working to cooperate with this agency…

A few weeks later – the server was now professionally constructed and dazzled out more after a weekend has a lot of undeliverable and only partially youthful messages in the front basket, which is textually so in the ST. Pauli News had standing. At first one believed in a joke, but later turned out that the network operator shortly after midnight for approx. 30 minutes had passed a miss. This hardcore collection was a representative cross-section about what was sent at night by SMS. With the joke at CeBIT 1996 you had anticipated a whole market.

The editor-in-chief of a radio magazine unloaded at this time to write an editorial about the uselessness of SMS – and the network operators pointed out guidelines that the new service will not be abused for advertising to other than their own clients threaten. Finally, only 7 SMS went to a mobile phone card and that at that time still allowed reading in the car steered too much. Spam had completely evaluated the new service.

That’s what all the donors held themselves today. The rest ends up in the SMS Hall of Shame and usually consists of advertising for 0190 numbers. Normal managers stay away from SMS advertising. At least in Germany.

In Australia, on the other hand, a real estate handler has just captured thickly, because an allegedly new employee had nothing better to do as the members of a golf club at 4 o’clock in the morning with advertising SMS from the feathers.

Ironically, the former spam opponent Bigfoot (DR. Norton in the sale – 3x daily), however, now applies in his newsletter "Bulk SMS" With SMS blast only two lines over the anti-spam update. And even if nothing is sent in the example than once with PC message, the program will be exexerable for up to 30.000 SMS also advertised at unknown. In addition to English also in Chinese – and German.

If you still leave your mobile phone on in the bedroom now, no longer needs alarm clock…

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