Bez – a new web preservation

Earn with surfing and attention for websites

A British company wants on the Internet "Radical alternative to the money" And at the same time the surfers a merit for offering what they do anyway.

New is the idea itself right now, not even on the internet. Somehow, however, it remains – and also suspicious. In any case, Bez opened the weave patten and promises, "A new generation of e-millionares" to accomplish. Make nothing else to make other than to surf the websites of companies that have concluded a certain amount of real money with Bez’s websites, because the love of virtual preservation does not work either. The name already contains the idea: Beenz is as much as "I have behand", But it is also the name of the "WEB maintenance".

So, very simple, that’s the way. Someone wants to attract more visitors to his website. In order to draw attention to you, there is no cheaper – well, on the Bez website there are still prizes for the first, open the accounts – but the offer to make been, if you have registered, the paranoid alarm bells ring. But you promise absolute security and confidentiality. No personal data, no email address, absolutely nothing is supposed to be communicated to the Bezen partners, unless you sell this data against Bez to a company. Then you feel herself.

The Bez will be collected on an account and can be exchanged pro rata for the contract partners. This introduces that a company offers goods and, for example, requires 10 Bezen as a price request per dollar. The goods, so been, one "Cool advertising", which could lift the visitor stream and the sales sometimes by 20 percent. But how to work more exactly, the Bezen company not yet betrayed – and maybe it does not know it myself yet. Maybe you just stay on his broom to be taken by surfing beast millions, because they are not even reviewable.

However, the providers of the new web maintenance are not modest. Until the end of May, one expects that already a billion Bezen will be circulated and, until 2000, more than 10 million surfers have set up a border account. Blob still missing the companies that give birth to Bezen and let the Bezen-Bank deserve it. After all, one works on the technical side with Oracle, Sun and Exodus together. You do not want to tell how many companies have already been delivered to Bez to bring Bez among the people, but the business was insured against the business of BBC "Millions of dollars" have collected. And on the website already emerges the name of an online handler. That could be a beginning – or maybe the soon.

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