Before driving bourgeois: study occupies episodes of no2

Before the negotiation of possible diesel driving bans at the Federal Administrative Court, an official investigation demonstrates the risk of diesel exhaust gases. Around 6,000 people in Germany die a study of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) prematurely at cardiovascular diseases, which are expired by nitrogen dioxide. In the citys, the NO2 comes rayed gas mainly from diesel exhaust. According to the study, there may be severe consequences of heavy consequences for a longest period of time and thus contrary to other results. First, the ARD Politiamagazin Report Mainz reported Daruber.

On this Thursday, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig is concerned with the question of whether driving bans for diesel cars are admitted to reduce the NO2 load. The permitted EU annual limit value is 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air. The study shows that already a long-lasting nitrogen dioxide concentration from 10 micrograms could lead to diseases and premature death traps. Such concentrations also found in rural areas.In inner states, the values are partly a multiple high.

The Federal Environmental Agency, that is the Federal Environment Ministry, wants to officially introduce the analysis to the beginning of Marz of the Office. Accordingly, in 2014, around 6,000 premature death trap alone were based on cardiovascular diseases, which were drawn by nitrogen dioxide. Scientists are therefore aming that stroke, pulmonary diseases such as asthma or COPD and diabetes can be drawn or aggravated by nitrogen dioxide.

For the study, numerous other scientific investigations were evaluated according to UBA. According to own information, the Office considered only such diseases in which statistical connections are reliable with NO2 burdens. The EU, which expects slightly different, goes from more than 10.000 premature death damage as a result of no2 in Germany.

The Supreme German Administrators in Leipzig examine early judgments from Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. The Stuttgart court had called driving bans the "most effective" maaking to improve urban health. The Dusseldorfer court ruled, driving bans for diesel vehicles had to be "seriously printed".

Regardless of the concrete view of driving bans, especially for alter diesel, which extinuates too much toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx), coarse parts of the population have little trust in the environmental efforts of the car manufacturer. 70 percent of the survey participants explained, they are not believed that the industry has already done enough to offer potential exhaust gas vehicles. Only 15 percent held the mails so far enough.

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