Bavaria: computational thinking in the global lighthouse

Bavaria: Computational Thinking in the global lighthouse

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Only a small step from the total loss to the Grobenwahn: Comment on the Bavarian plan to digitization of schools. Nevertheless, in addition to the deflection of Lockdown, it is apparently planned mainly distance lessons

"Laptop and leather pants" were the keywords that Bavaria boasted into the digital future, when you still "Digital superhighways" talk. The times for such metaphors are over, the basic claim remained true to the traditions, the identity foundations "Leather pants" Do not take off, have modern advanced success and thus show cosmopolitanism.

So it is no coincidence that the new headquarters from Bavaria for the digital education policy is launched by Alexander Dobindt, the trail of one "Conservative revolution" is. Now DOBRINDT wants an educational revolution. The PR-SPAGAT between conservative values and departure into the Smart Phone tray world is not done with a nice instagram image of Jungbayern in beer garden or Oktoberfestdracht and iPhone – especially when it comes to school and so much wrong runs.

Rough ambitions

"Corona was the commissioning to study for our education system and has shown the strong but also the weak open. We want to make 2021 for the year of education and develop our education system ambitious – after the clear mapping: modern, flexible, digital", Quotes the world on Sunday from a paper to the education policy of the CSU country group in the Bundestag, which guides Alexander Dobrindt. The paper is exclusive to the WAMs according to their specifications.

The publication of the expansion is timely, because at this Monday, cultural ministers meet for advice on the further approach and the conservative Bavarian government, as well as Bayern at the world has a lot of sympathy, wants to specify the tone, just hold on to the German master of education policy.

That one gives a lot to ambitions in Bavaria is unauthorized; less clearly is how to put the ambitions. Bose tongues claim that it basically, above all, in particular strict crowd, a lot of homework fib and the appreciation of traditional specialists. What is clear mapping with Dobrinds "Modern, flexible, digital" meant?

Here is the paper of the CSU country group with actually new suggest. It should be one "New Facherkanon" be introduced: It should be used for all Germany "Flat-covering the specialist programming and give digital economy".

Robotics, basic programming and learning "Computational Thinking"

For this purpose, new teaching and learning methods should be implemented as an integral part of the lesson. If Minister Prosident Soder had already shown his enthusiasm for Youtube tutorials as a practical orientation for a digital teaching a few weeks ago, computer games should now be included in the teaching repertoire.

Serious Games Should be just as self-ared teaching content, "like robotics, basic programming and learning ‘Computational Thinking’, to German about ‘informative thinking’", Quotes the Sunday newspaper from the CSU Paper.

The digital education offensive is underpinned with the promise of better equipment. Each school should have its own IT specialist for system integration, "So that smartboard, tablets and robotic lessons always work". Whether an IT specialist is enough for the very coarse ambitious, Germany-wide plan to be frictionally translated?

The nationwide educational cloud – on the way to excellence

The rough CSU project is a nationwide educational cloud as well as a digital platform with videoconferencing, learning management and appropriate server systems for digital learning. And that should be ambitious fast – "with clear time specifications". The whole thing is carried by an idea of excellence, as it becomes clear at the CSU wish of a federal university clinic, which also appears as a target in the education paper of the state group:

Medical excellence is not a question of prestige, but the provision. That’s why we want a federal university clinic, which becomes a worldwide lighthouse for medical research, teaching and treatment.

Paper of the CSU country group, WAMS

The CSU presses driftly with ambitious suggest. "Who Ko, the Ko?", in German: "who can can?"

It’s not that easy. The digital learning system Mebis is listed. Anyone who has noticed the chaos on the schools in Bavaria before Christmas, the unosted question, as it should go on, who has noticed how difficult teachers and Schuler have done to catch up and seen the fancy teacher after the first Lockdown in the spring year has kept the situation inappropriate high standards in the evaluation of exams and other exams, despite the learning of learning and the promises of the government’s government, which must have doubts about how much real substance is behind the wradies.

There is only a weak consolation that there was also massive problems with school platforms in other federal stations.

Mebis: The Digital Turbo Waulty

The learning platform of the school network Mebis ("Media Education Service") Actually is considered a very good moodle platform and is also a very coarse network with over one million users and users. Since 2012 in a pilot phase in use and from 2014 to interested state schools extended, it offers a comprehensive media library with clarified copyrights, a congratulation archive and courses for textbooks in addition to the learning offer.

When Mebis stood again before the Christmas holidays because of surcharge, horror was roughly. The digital turbo undertaken by Minister Prosident Soder (CSU) visible visible. Matthias Fischbach, education policy officer of the FDP in the Bavarian Landtag, who had already breeded criticism of the implementation of digitization at the beginning of October, said: "Teacher deficiencies, digitization deficits, communications: Bavaria’s education policy cranks on the Miss Management of the Bavarian Ministry of Culture."

Cultural Minister Michael Piazolo (Free Wahler) promised improvement, referred to an interview with the BR but also on providers like Microsoft as an alternative:

We have emphasized the longitudinal width the last weeks and months. That you do not set to a single tool. There can also be problems with technology. You have to set up wide, naturally with Mebis, but also MS teams and others. Most schools are already doing that.

Michael Piazolo

Markus Soder put Piazolo the 11. January as deadline: until then, it has to be folded with distance lessons by Mebis. The faction leader of the free Wahler, Florian Streib, in turn countered that the CSU will be made quite responsive to conne for breakdowns in digitizing the school: the party has put more than 60 years the Ministry of Education.

In addition, the claim Bavaria is in conflict with the competences of the other countries. It would be a miracle if the vehicle’s proposal of Bayern is simply accepted in terms of education policy.

Preliminary results of the Minister of Culture Conference

At today’s Cultural Ministers Conference (KMK), Educational and Cultural Ministers of the Lander in a video switch over the Corona school strategy in the next few weeks. Whether prasenz-remote change hybrid lessons or relocation of the holidays. And how do you do in elementary schools and final classes? For all this, there was a joint recommendation to find.

The exact implementation will decide the Chancellor and the Minister Presentations tomorrow. According to media reports, the Corona macers are intended for retail, for cultural and leisure facilities and the currently applicable strict contact notifications up to 31. January.

According to Tagesschau-Live Blog, the 16 Ministers of Education for a step plan for the opening of the schools.

In the first stage, the graders of classes one to six go back to schools, as far as the situations in the individual countries allow. The others have distance lessons. In stage two, there is then to give exercise lessons for schoolers of the general education and professional trainers from grace stage 7. Only a third stage sees the complete return of a Prasenz lesson for all Schuler.

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