Austria: federal president stitch

Austria: Federal President Stitch

The Wiener Hofburg, the headquarters of the Easter-rich federal prosece. Photo: BWAG / Wikimedia. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Media without opinion polls – FPO General Secretar Kickl calls for "alertness" at the postal ballot payment – Catholic church for different candidates

Today Fruh at six o’clock open in Austria the first of about 10.500 polling stokers in which the burgers can deliver their voices to decide whether the liberal Norbert Hofer or the long-term green boss Alexander van der Bellen will be their new federal prosece. In Vorarlberg (where tonight at a concert of a motorcycle club gave a relationship-amoclower with three dead and eleven injured persons), the polling stokers are already around 13, in most other civil servants at 16 o’clock. Only in Vienna and Innsbruck can be chosen until 17 o’clock.

Whether one calls the (right) winner in the shortly afterwards highlights, depends on how tight the decision. This even applies to that from the Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Sobotka at 7 pm 30 at pre-terminated official result. This time, 885.437 of the 6.382.507 voters – ie almost 14 percent – decided for a postal vote with election cards, which will be paid tomorrow.

In the first ballot that had about 530.000 Letterwahler Printed the vote share of Van der Bellen by 0.9 percent upwards and Hofer’s result by 1.3 percent down. FPO General Secretar Herbert Kickl has made aware of this because of the high proportion of post voting, that in the past, the payment of election cards again and again "Inconsistency" gave. He asked for that "alertness" and asked particularly, "Whether helper’s assistant of the opposite political system might be able to use the opportunity here to give the electoral will in favor of the system-repressant van der Bennen ‘".

Whether the result is actually so close that the letter beams decide is therefore unclear, among other things, because the opinion researcher (which was quite wrong before the first ballot and Hofer – which landed at 35.05 percent, only at 21 to 24 percent saw) this time with surveys very backed up – even because the media surprisingly did not give any appearance.

As a fundamentation for this one guided, there was too many oscillations. For example, there are no experience how the parental champions of the former folk parties have decided in a situation as the current, if their "political home" missing on the ballot. In forums, however, critics suggested that this surprising access also has played a role that they were feared, Hofer Konnne the surveys.

In a Gallup survey, he and Van der Bellen were at the end of April, however, at the same time at 50 percent. For bookmakers, the quota was uneven, but most saw Hofer as a probable winner.

That the two candidates and their supports also considered the race as no decided, they noticed on the money that they pumped into the run-off election: the green paid the – officially independent – Alexander van der Bennen another 550.000 Euro, the liberal supported Hofer’s campaign even with another 1.5 million.

Also in the Catholic Church, they were prompted to intervene in the election campaign – for different pages: During Gerda Schaffelhofer, the Prasident of the Catholic Action Austria with the comment, with "National foreclosure and refusal of European and international solidarity" leave "Loved Christianity" unanimable, indirectly (but very clear) for van der Bellen was called, said the Salzburg Heihbischof Andreas Laun, "So, as the offer is now, you can only choose Hofer elections and pray for him and for Austria". "That he hate him the left and with their proven ‘Nazius’ pruguels", so the beard church trunk, speak "rather for and not against Hofer".

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