Arduboy nano: handheld gaming console in miniature format

Arduboy Nano: Handheld Gaming Console in Miniature Format

The Maker Kevin Bates, also known as "batesque" In the Arduboy Forum, a game console has built, which looks at first sight like a miniature without real function. However, in this small device is actually an Arduino, a display and a battery – and who has very small hands, can be a lap "Space Trash" gamble.

Arduboy nano in action

It’s already what you can achieve as a maker in terms of miniaturization today. The tools are now affordable, boards (even flexible) can be made in small stucco numbers in China, 3D printer – especially resin printer – finished housing almost as bought and the upy electronics cost only a few euros in shipping.

Arduboy Nano: Handheld Gaming Console in Miniature Format

Hause in FDM printing

The Arduboy Nano is just 26mm high and contains everything you need for a handheld game: an atmega 32U4 processor controls a 0.49" (1.24cm) OLED with 64×32 pixels. Tone are created on a 15mm piezo and with the tiny 25mah lipo battery you can play an entire hour.

Arduboy Nano: Handheld Gaming Console in Miniature Format

Board, battery, switch, speaker and display, everything available!

The display is greatly slightly lower than that of the coarse arduboy and is controlled by i2c. Since pinouts and the code base with the Arduboy match, the Arduboy games can still be quite simply adapted – if you can squeeze them on the small display.

The currently only available game is "Space Trash" (see video above), which originally used as an example for the U8glib display library. Kevin has extended this example to expand the BEEPS and adapts the logic of the buttons.

At the sight of the Arduboy Nano, I immediately had to think of the wristwatches with calculator, which existed in the 1980s and now celebrate their revival as a retromodell. At that time they were technically forward-looking and had a high "want to have"-Factor, but were almost hardly usable. So it is probably also with this console "for ants".

Incident is the complete Arduboy Okosystem Open Source and you only need a few components from the craft cabinet (Arduino, OLED, a pair buttons, breadboard) to quickly build such a system.

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