Apple’s new marketing boss takes over

Apple's new marketing boss takes over

Apple has now officially owned a new Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing. The position, which is of central importance for the Group, will be played by Greg "Joz" Joswiak dressed, who was itself for years of vice-prassident of Apple’s product marketing.

Schiller successor is an Apple veteran

Despite the new cast by an Apple veterans, the appeal means a paradigm shift: Joswiak’s process Phil Schiller was besides Apple-CEO Tim Cook and DesignChef Jony Ive, who has left the company already in 2019, the most famous manager of the iPhone Company. His importance can be found out that Schiller was regularly allowed to represent the 2011 Steve Jobs at Keynote events in his long time at Apple.

Rise into the top lead

Well, Joswiak: It was officially officially on Apple’s important management page on Apple.COM recorded, where only the highest guidance floor of the Group is recorded. Here again it is emphasized that he reported directly to Chef Cook and he has been marketing and management experience at Apple for more than 30 years. In fact, Joswiak came to Apple in June 1986, so in that strange meantime, when Steve Jobs had left the company. A young man is not the new marketing boss: he was born in 1964 and thus only four years later as a transaction Phil Schiller.

Schiller retains the App Store

Phil Schiller does not receive the idler at Apple. He stays as a so-called "Apple Fellow" on board. He will continue around the App Store – whom he has been conducting for several years – as well as corporate events – ie Keynotes – Local numbers, won it at the official announcement of the change last August. The App Store is of coarse importance for Apple, even if he is currently under shelling – from regulators such as software providers.

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