Apple presents ipad 8 with a12 chip and ipad air 4 with usb-c

Apple presents iPad 8 with A12 chip and iPad Air 4 with USB-C

On his ended today, Apple has introduced two new iPads. First, the favorable iPad 7 is replaced by the iPad 8. As a processor, it brings an A12 Bionic with 6 CPU and 4 GPU cores. He should have become 40 percent faster according to Apple. For the first time, a neural engine is in a simple iPad (without Air or Pro). It has remained in support of the Apple Pencil 1.

The iPad 8 is available from Friday and costs in the simplest version 369.40 euros. With SIM card slot, at least 505.90 euros are fally. Considerably it is in the colors silver, space gray and gold in storage equipment with 32 GB or 128 GB. A full-size smart keyboard costs 174.50 euros and is also available with German layout.

ipad 8

Apple presents iPad 8 with A12 chip and iPad Air 4 with USB-C

Apple updates the iPad line around the iPad 8.

iPad Air 4 with A14 Bionic

Apple has also undergoing the iPad Air 4 of a radical redesign according to the model of the iPad Pro with a winding frame. The retina display is now 10.9 instead of 10.5 inches roughly and is almost extending to the edge of the stroke. It represents 2360 times 1640 pixels, ie 3.8 million pixels.

A USB-C replaces the Lightning connection. Unlike the iPad Pro, however, there is no facial recognition (Face ID), but it stays with the fingerprint scanner (Touch ID). However, the sits no longer in the home button below the display, but is wandered into the standby button on the upper stroke center. Instead of the A12 BIONIC, the A14 BIONIC is now used, which also has six CPU and four GPU and should be 40 percent faster than the procedure. The Neural Engine brings 16 cores. The iPad Air 4 is therefore probably significantly considered to the current iPad per performance.

ipad air 4

Apple presents iPad 8 with A12 chip and iPad Air 4 with USB-C

The new iPad Air comes in Funf colors.

New is the support of the Apple Pencil 2. The backside camera now has 12 megapixels, the front FaceTime camera at least 7 MP. Gigabit LTE became 60 percent faster according to Apple. Furthermore, there is WLAN-6 and the second, purely electronic mobile connection (ESIM). The LIDAR scanner for capturing 3D room content remains reserved for the iPad Pro. In addition, the iPad Air only brings two (arranged in landscape) and not four speakers. Promotion, so refresh frequencies up to 120 Hz, is not available at the air, but only at the iPad Pro. The amounts between Pro 11 and Air 4 are almost identical, the air is only 0.2 mm thicker.

Conservation is the iPad Air 4 from October in the Funf Colors Silver, Space Gray, Rosegold, Grun and Sky Blue from 632,60 Euro. With SIM card slot is the price at 769,10 Euro. 256 instead of 64 GB of Flash costs around 166 euros more. The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Air suggests with 330.45 euros to beech, the Smart Keyboard Folio with 193.95 euros, both are also available with German Layout.

The previous iPad Air 3 with 10.5-inch display, A12 bionic chip, 8-MP camera, Lightning connection and Pencil-1 support cost before the VAT reduction with 64 GB Flash 549 Euro, with 256 GB were it 719 euros. With SIM card slot 689 and 859 euros were fally.

The new iPads already come with iPados 14, which will appear for a free download from tomorrow’s Wednesday – together with iOS 14 for the iPhone.

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