Anis amri: inquiry committee commissions its own trace report

Anis Amri: Inquiry Committee commissions its own trace report

Reason: The investigation results of the BKA for the attack from the bondsplatz are insolid and unbelievable. Another note that Amri had a cell phone when he was killed

Put six! The investigation work on the attack on the bondsplatz in Berlin is insufficient. The Investigation Committee of the Bundestag has decided to commission its own opinion, with which the trace situation in the terror complex is to be independent. This refers, among other things to the finds in the driver’s cab of the truck, with which the attack at 19. December 2016 was greeted to the Christmas market. On the finds on "crime scene" Sesto San Giovanni, where the Tunisian Anis Amri was shot as well as the autopsy of his corpse. The 24-year-old is considered the sole tatter in the official version.

Precisely because the trace results presented by the investigative authorities can be more and less prove this tender testing and the Investigation Committee rushed to always new details, which drove to the opposite, the deputies now decided to make an independent evaluation of the trace situation. Who, which institution should be commissioned and on which document base, must still be decided. The main investigator Federal Office, Federal Criminal Police Office and Landeskriminal Office (LKA) Berlin is ied with this procedure a poverty certificate.

Strictly speaking, the situation is still more dramatic: The work of the investigation organs not only proves to be superficial and linged, it is also surprised by open coverup. The suspicion: With the official Anis-Amri altake theory, several other involved parties are to be explored to the terrorism, to be considered, because they are V-persons of security authorities or goods.

Thus, the unclear NSU terror complex also collects the security apparatus and puts the question of the agenda to undergo the state dealings with terrorit and terrorist structures of a fundamental revision. Connection is actually prevented or pronounced?

Italy is an essential scene of history

The doubts about the correctness of the work of the German investigators continued in the last meeting of the Bundestag Committee before the summer break. Among other things, the liaison officer of the BKA in Italy was in question in question from June 2016 to May 2020, Criminal Hauptkommissar (KHK) A.H.

. Anis Amri and a number of other Tunisians, as Bilel Ben Ammar, had come to Germany from Italy, where they join in "German" Volented nominal Islamists. There were Italian victims in the attack on the bondsplatz. The truck, which was made to the tool, had come with a cargo from Italy. Anis A found in Italy., who had the tatole with him, death. And in Italy has a separate one "Working Group Berlin" Terrorians through. She also exchanged with the colleagues in Berlin. The Italian specialists traveled more than once in the German capital.

From the Italian investigations had several explosive aspects. For example, anis Amri, when he was shot in the Miovander suburb Sesto San Giovanni, had a mobile phone with himself, which was an important evidence of goods.

In addition, from telephone converters of a Berliner Islamists detained in Brindisi, that a whole group could have had to do the radical Fussilet mosque in Berlin with the attack. And that the second Amri among them, Soufiane Amri, possibly nickname "Fuffy", even directly associated with the Tat truck. Both facts, mobile phone and TATER SOUFIANE A., are officially denied by German side or. dismissed (the two AMRIs).

So now from the BKA connection man in Rome to the Inquiry Committee in the Bundestag. He could not say anything about a coarse part of the questions or do not remember, with two people, but he was very decided and concretely: Anis Amri had no mobile phone when he was shot. And: from Soufiane Amri (Fuffy) as a possible driver of the Tat truck, he knows nothing.

In detail consideration, however, a frutigable presentation.

From the beginning it had slices, so KHK A.H., At the TOTETEN, no mobile phone, tablet or computer had been found on the crime scene. The confusion that he should have had a mobile phone at her "Years later" by a report of the Questura [Police President] in Brindisi. At the BKA one wondered about it. He had therefore guided and the question "compensate". He had been confirmed that there was no cell phone. With the author of the report from Brindisi himself, he had no contact.

"Years later"? Somehow, his time flour has suffered, because the report in question of the central "Investigation group Berlin" Within the Italian terrorist investigators dated 19. January 2017, exactly one month after the attack. Maybe the BKA man meant another process.

Is correct that the BKA myself years later, in the spring of 2019, it was suddenly the interest that questioned the question of the AMRI phone to be removing and negatively certifying. This time corresponds to the fact that the Investigation Committee set the topic to the agenda. The BKA was able to know because it itself sits in the committee and participates with other representatives of the executive, including the Federal Ministry of the Interior, also participated in internal consulting sessions of the Bundestagemium.

However, that at Anis Amri a mobile phone should have been found, however, is not a stupid misunderstanding, but, at least the memory of one of the Italian investigators, the factual reproduction of the file situation to the traverse investigation in Milan.

Fuffy or incident?

Had Soufiane Amri ("Fuffy") Do something with the stop – or was the word for a vibration? The talk partners of a covered phone call had from "incident" spoken and not of "Fuffy". So there are several German registry. And also the BKA witness a.H. stuck this presentation. But at the same time he delivered remarkable insights of the Italian terrorist investigators to the suspicious stopper circle in Berlin.

The Italian colleagues of the DCPP (Directzione Centrale Della Polizia di Prevenzione), comparable to the BKA, love him to Brindisi, where he is the covered calls from the end of December 2016 between Nkanga L. and an unidentified person should be followed by German. He has dealt two of the score, twice he has the word "incident" understood, the word "Fuffy" but not. "Fuffy" Do not say anything, "incident" By contrast, fit in the context, speak the attack from the bondsplatz. However, the speech had been seriously lacking because they were conducted over mobile radio, but also because of the resurrected code of the speakers, their strong dialect and because they communicated in hints and allusions. It had been difficult, something "doubtless" to understand, he scanning.

The term "Fuffy" respectively "incident" Imagines in the mapping protocols at least 14 times. The Committee Chairman Klaus-Dieter Grohler (CDU) read several passages, which were individually alleged the conclusion, it was one of one "incident" spoken and not by a person named "Fuffy". In its entirety, only the name makes "Fuffy", standing for soufians, meaning. (See Telepolis: The two AMRIs).

It is undisputed, however, that there was communication for the attack of Berlin. The Italian terroristers therefore wanted to inform their German colleagues immediately. Nkanga L. and Soufiane Amri were raised on the part of the DCPP, which could go out from both possible terrorism. Strikingly, on top of that, the name equality of Anis and Soufiane Amri. Since all the "Lamp tented", So the witness a.H. Both were also related to Facebook.

An urgency to which the attitude of the BKA in terms of determination and declaration does not really want to fit.

V-people are covered?

Open questions are still not only available to the striking escape route of Anis Amri, but also to the place and the circumstances under which he came to death.

Coincidence that the truck, which was in Berlin to the stop tool, removed almost two kilometers away and only a few days before a packed piece? Is the vehicle perhaps part of the answer to the question of where the drug-alunta Islamists in Berlin moved into their fabric? Why did Amri hit a ball in the jerk? Why were two neo-Nazi Italian police officers involved on Facebook with Hitler Image and Mussolini Green? And why did not the BKA talk to them himself, as accepted, as a translated aservates can not be able to look directly?

There is a concrete suspicion: is the German investigation work to the terrorist attack from the bondsplatz therefore so incorrect, because V-people are involved? Once again. To protect them, bitches at the same time who resist the responsible. So protect the BKA by his de facto non-investigation itself? Is the strange behavior of the Supreme German police residence, which many findings can not be explained and their representatives have been in the paral assessed their own stopping version for months in the parliamentary examination experiences? Or are there still high-storeed interests outside the German sphere of influence to take on the FRG resist? This is not excluded in the wide international field of Islamic State (IS).

One of the most important state protection procedures in the field of Jihadism is this against the German-speaking Islamkreis (Dik) in Hildesheim and its agitator Abu Walaa. The most important source of the criminal crushers in the group was the VP 01, deck name "Murat Cem". The spy was, as you now learned from the mouth of a federal lawyer, used overall in three state protection procedures. He also had contact with Anis Amri until about July 2016.

The BKA wanted this source beginning of 2016 "take out of the game" and make useless. This can be done by the statement of the detainee Rasmus M. from LKA North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in November 2019 before the Bundestag Investigation Committee.

Although the BKA and his solemn authority contradicted the representation of Dusseldorf, so that formal statement stands against statement. Since the statement of the NRW official M. But is consistent and generally considered for believers, the Affare has damaged the reputation of the BKA massively and contributed to his desaline image.

Source VP 01

However, the question is unanswered which motive had the BKA what it was pursuing and what background is there. Safe is: to take the VP 01 from the game, the DIK process had taken to burst and the FUF defendant protected main players. The BKA knew about this consequence. Why nevertheless the attack on the VP 01?

The Inquiry Committee has dealt with the conflict in several meetings. With the prosecutor Horst Rudiger Salzmann, the witness was now loaded, the conflict-bearing meeting of 23. February 2016, on which it went around the VP 01 and which should make more than three and a half years and a stop of spater headlines. Also Salzmann finds the broken dispute between the Dusseldorfer LKA, which with the determination commission (EK) Ventum under the direction of Rasmus M. The investigations against the Dik leads, and the BKA "unusual". He had no explanation for that. He did not experience such a situation anymore.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office (BAW) in Karlsruhe is responsible for the state protection and terrorism against the FUF accused of the Dik Hildesheim. The concern Salzmanns in February 2016 was, as he now described in the committee: if the BKA equincing the important source VP01 so fundamentally, he muses the opposite to the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), if he applies there monitoring compliance. If the investigators are therefore denying them, the entire procedure is in danger. This situation wanted to acquire the federal prosecutor with the counterparties of LKA NRW and BKA.

The source VP 01 has been working for years for the police in North Rhine-Westphalia, but above all in the field of organized criminality (OK). But what standing she had in the Jihadist scene? Create that OK scene and jihadistic scene not rarely overlap because terrorg will finance their tarpaulins with criminal businesses, such as drug trafficking.

The source drivers from NRW claimed that a consumer in the powerful Islamist scene, one "High-suited person" in a "high-ranking position", For the VP 01 "curved" have, so she could be used there.

But at the same time, the next fundamental question was raised again: If the North Rhine-Westfalische Police uses an influential person to lock a source into the scene, it does not have to influence this awareness itself? The next informant?

Whether the Investigation Committee the now discontinued source "Murat Cem" can consult itself is unclear. The Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia has asserted concerns about it. For the mirror, however, the ex-speaker has participated in a book that appeared in the early 2020.

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