Andy muller-magun is winner at icann

Also in North America, the candidate nominated by the Internet users sat down

The press spokesman of the CCC was able to clear its competitors in the European sector at the @ Large elections to the Directorate of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. From 11.309 votes cast in Europe accounted for 5948 on Muller magun. A very respectable second place reached the Berlin political scientist Jeanette Hofmann with 2295 votes. The next candidate, Winfried Schuller from Telekom AG, could only collide 990 votes. The other candidates landed far beyond the rear burst, probably due to the fact that there has been a concerted media campaign only in Germany, in which the Icann elections had been made aware. This shows the role – and also part of the effect – the mass media in elections in modern societies probably more than clear. What is not in the medium does not exist.

For Europa"ith network community is the performance of Muller-Magun and Hofmann a good news, because their candidates who have successfully enforced in the like a horse race-looking nomination round have landed on the front bursts and have dissocated theirs from the ICANN extra-nominated opponent. The Netizens have pronounced the candidates nominated in a democratic process and thus sent a clear signal to the ICANN: No More Brass Around, Dear Friends!

Also in North America, Karl Auerbach won an ICANN critical candidate who has emerged from the nomination process, though not as clear as in Europe. Only in North America, the winner did not equal the necessary 50% mark (as "initial quota" in the upper right corner of the respective result tables at skipped and it has been necessary to set the elimination process of the single-transferable vote system described in the ICANN electoral rules. Karl Auerbach works at Cisco Systems, the de facto monopolist in the router business. He could unite in the first round 1074 of 3449 inherent votes. After the elimination rounds he brought it to 1738 votes.

The African winner is Nii Quaynor (67 votes) from Accra in Ghana, who was already in the run-up in the ICANN. The @ Large Candidate Calvin Browne from the Southa African NIC brought here only 30 out of 130 votes. Masanobu Katoh, employee at Fujitsu, the owner of the greatest Japanese Internet provider, is 13.913 out of 17.745 votes of the overwalking winners in the Pacific region and distanced the Hongjie Li from Beijing from the @ Large Nominations (only 749 votes). Katoh lives and works in Potomac, which lies in the Urjapan Province of Maryland. Also in the Sudamerika / Caribbean region, the candidate of the Icann Ivan Moura Campos, an engineer studying at UCLA worked on a large Brazilian provider and is also connected to the Brazilian NIC, with 946 out of 1402 votes. The @ Large candidate Menzes and Nunes could only bring 157 or 79 votes. Quaynor and Katoh are already members in the Dnso Name Council of the ICANN.

As Monika I realized in your message for the Heise Newsticker, the ICANN Directorate is now cleaned. From the 76.183 to 8. September activated @ Large members have only 35.205 participated in the final coordination. Originally had 158.593 Netizens at the ICANN the inclusion in the @ -large program requested. 421 participants had given either disobinating e-mail accounts or asked for their application for their registration. ICANN unfortunately does not publish statistics on your site how many applicants could not activate their account because they did not receive the letter with the PIN. Thus, only about 22.2% of the origin "Electoral" last your vote can be handed over. In Europe, according to Alexander Svensson Icannchannel.DE, 48.2% of the activated W"Her women involved in the election. Thus, Europe is slightly above the international average of 45%.

The ICANN elections were thus filtered several times: Due to the bad organization and announcement policy in advance, not all interested parties could participate in the elections. In addition, the undemocratic electoral process and finally the fact that only 5 of the 19 directors could be championed. The ICANN directorium can not be considered democratically legitimated. If at all, only Charles Auerbach and Andy Muller-Magun are democratically legitimized, as only they exposed to all stages of the election procedure and won there. Both are the ICANN in their former form rather critically against. The other members of the Board of Directors are provided by the Internet Industrial Complex.

In order to be able to change the statutes of the ICANN, a two-thirds majority among the directors is necessary. The yesterday chosen @ large-scale directors will be officiated until the Icann Beneson Conference in 2002.

How about?

In the mailing list ICANN-EUROPE ICANN-EUROPE attached by the Mailing Association and Company, which also participates in numerous European candidates from the nomination round, is already discussed intensively about the consequences of choice. The European @ Large members should organize. The mailing list also has an HTML archive in which the past discussions can be viewed. A very good place where you can inform yourself about the current European discussions on ICANN-relevant topics.

Even Andy-Muller-Magun itself has just reported to speak in the list. On the question "What’s Next?" He answered, it was first of all, to set up mailing lists for structuring further discussion and to determine the interests of European network organizations and institutions to be well prepared in the ICANN meeting on 13.-16. November in Marina del Rey. Muller-Maguhn now wants to contact various European user groups and also put their appointmental alder online to make informal meetings with him. One of the central points on Muller-Maguhn’s agenda is now clear from the ICANN, in which namespaces now copyright laws should apply and in which quasi "Free Speech" may be used. Icann had this so far "public" Namespace neglected.

What the Icann will be in the future is difficult to say. Many of their difficulties result from their weak personnel occupation and momentary underfinance. The interested internet users should make use of the opportunity to use stronger for their medium and involve themselves in the discussions about the ICANN. Only in this way can the ICANN be converted by a US dominated stakeholder representation of the Internet industry into a panel, from which the individual Netizens can choose.

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