An old murder on new canvas

The Enfant Terrible The Britart scene is once again providing for whirl – though with plenty press photos. May the press, what Damien Hirst is not allowed?

Although Damien Hirst’s creations did not draw the accusation of tastelessness, but this time it is not loved bovine scrap or formaldehyde dipped animal carcasses that bring his critics into Rage – and British Artists – but pictures that longed have gone through all the media. This time, the Blobe envisament, recordings from the scene of a mysterious murder event in photorealistic manner ranged to bring the enfant terrible of the Britart scene into the headlines.

An old murder on new canvas

Damien Hirst in the exhibition in-a-gadda-da-vida. Photo: bbc

The seemingly unstoppable rise of the former shooting star under the – did not quite such a young – "Young British Artists" was not least the result masterfully staged scandals and skilful self-stilization. During Damien Hirst, visibly cocaine and cocktails inclined, photogenic gave the bohemians and threw through the London art world, his market value was screwed into dizzying high.

Four years ago, the cowkopfe in formaldehyde brought with the cute title "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" 559.000 Euro; A cigarette stub installation came to 534 in the same year.000 EURO. Finally, however, his satisfied critics believed that they are finally able to state the long-term end of the Hirst Hypes:

Instead of new ideas, the old ones recycled the old one: found for square butterfly pictures and rounds "Spin Paintings" Round butterfly pictures. Then heart-shaped, then those with clouds. The Shooting Star runs the risk of being stamped as a sensational artist with an uncertain future.

World on Sunday, 13. July 2003

Hirst’s star now seemed all – including auction prices – for a sinking flight. But the promotion king among the Britart stars were not the one he is, he had not torn the rudder on time. When his restaurant "Pharmacy" in Notting Hill after a short blood of the Hip Kuns-Society lost and it stood in 2003 in front of bankruptcy, the undisclosed pivot brought the interior designed by him interior shortly at Sotheby’s among the hammer. And the bankruptcy mass turned on the auction table to the gold pit: medical barrier, bar stool, ashtray and Martini glasser in pharmacy design brought no less than 11.1 million pounds.

When the powerful artmazen Charles Saatchi discovered in 1988 and marketed high, his interest in Hirst’s art lost, the artists simply bought a series of his works he once had once ceded to the Grozen to initial prices to a horrendous sum. At the end of 2004, it was shouting – about ten years after the award of the Turner Prize – in front of the museum triumph of its eccentric artists career. The Ehrwurren Museo Archeologico in Naples brought the Brit Artists for the first time a comprehensive retrospective. And in January 2005, Hirst’s most famous work changed – a tiger shark charged in formaldehyde – for whopping 10 million euros the owner.

"Sick, insensitive and tasteless"

Now, the artist, which has now turned back to the photorealistic painting, has managed a new media coup: the envision, press images from the crime scene of an unclear murder case in Scotland photorealisticism as a painting, worshiped a veritable storm of the harvest. The family of murdered wants to know nothing about the artistic exploitation of their support: "IT Just Seems Sick!"The father of the murder victim was shocked against the Scottish Sunday Mail:" I Have Lakes Some of His Work and I am Not Impressed."

The police officers, still on measonary hunting, pounded the relief to the jerking and loving the art provocateur, that it – even if artists trace the urge to be controversial – is "insensitive and tasteless" to abuse the murder case in this form. And it also did not take long until Fergus Ewing (Scottish National Party) also reported someone from the ranks of politics to the word to condemn hirsts:

Most People Will Find This News Tasteless, Heartless and Likely to Reopen The Anguish and Torment That This Unfortunate Family Have Suffered. This Man Seems to Make A Living Out Of Causing Open. It’s a Mystery Why People Would Wish to Pay for Any of His So-Called Art.

The murder of Nairn

The murder in the quiet Scottish Kustenort Nairn, who has moved the British publicity since the end of the previous year, still presents police and media in front of a council. On the evening of the 28. November 2004, the 30-year Jungbanker Alistair Wilson opened his home tour, an unknown an envelope (who seems to have appeared in air) and had been adjacent to three shot had been stretched out.

Half a year later, the motive is as unacceptable as the day of the act. And although eyewitnesses can describe the rushing tatter and even compared DNA samples from Wilson’s privately and professional environment with traces of the crime scene, is still far and wide no eightier to identify. The Scottish investigators – in the midst of apparently quite numerous traces – to today on the spot. Now put your last hope in the path-thrown tabacy, the workers have discovered in the near the house. This is a fairly unusual manufacturer: a handy "ladies’ gun" manufactured in the 1920s in Suhl (Thuringen) and could have been brought after amptions of the police as a "Warstrophae" by British World War Soldiers from Germany.

The Scottish police have made a pleasant effort to bring light into mysteriosis. To find any new hints (2.500 testimonies have already been recorded), the respectable sum of 10 was.000 pounds (around 15.000 euro) exposed as a reward; Comparatively modest compared to the high of the total expenditure for the unsuccessful investigations, which, without policing holder, gradually the 400.000-pound brand (600.000 Euro) Countries.

On the Internet (here British World War Veterans were asked to help with help), in the press and on television, the police invade the appealing case from Nairn to the public. In doing so, the investigators showed far less media backhoing, as they now adequately hold it at the eternal provocateur hirst for: twice the case Wilson has already spread before a million audience, in the program CrimeWatch, which as BBC-Aquivalent of "File sign XY Untested "It is said that Britain’s Burger is also the comfort of the criminal title ghosts (see: "The Bose is always and everywhere") Do not lose.

On the contest photo, Hirst is only in the pasta in old newspapers. You can wonder why in the form of a work of art is suddenly verpont, which is as a media coverage of banal everyday life. May the boulevard press, what Damien Hirst is not allowed? The artist itself, after the excitement on Sunday, has shown yesterday, yesterday and liked his spokeswoman, that he will not follow his plan:

I Do not Think There’s Anything to Apologise for BECause Nothing’s Going to Be Done. In this situation The Painting Won’t Be Done.

Either the former "Enfant Terrible of the Battlehofe" (world on Sunday) has now become the Scandals Mude – or his opposition has a much talent reason: On Monday, the press photographer Peter Jolly has evidently let him know that he does not think about it to release the rights for the picture.

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