America’s rottweiler against the doberman of iran

The main result of Lebanon war is hatred

In his last speech, the so many people obeyed, the Syrian Prasident Bashar Al-Assad deserves a sentence that deserves attention: "Every new Arab generation will hate Israel more than the previous one."Of everything, what’s up to the 2 now. Lebanon War was said, this may be the most important sentence.

The main result of this war is hatred. The pictures of death and destruction in Lebanon came into every Arab house, maybe in every Muslim house, from Indonesia to Morocco, from Yemen to the Muslim gettos in London and Berlin. Not just an hour, not only a day long, but during 33 consecutive days, day for day and hour hour hour. The muted corpses of the babies, the crying women over the ruins of their houses, the Israeli girls who wrote "pit" on grenades, which should then be shot down on Lebanese Dorfer. Ehud Olmerts plaid on "the most moral army in the world", while the screens of corpse were shown.

The Israelis ignored these scenes, which were actually hardly shown on our screens. We were able to see you with Al-Jazira and on some western channels. But the Israelis were far too much with the destruction that had been prepared in our northern city. Cumshot of pity and empathy for non-Jews have long been dulled here.

But it is a terrible mistake to ignore the results of this war. It is more important than the stationing of a few thousand European soldiers at our border with the friendly understanding of Hezbollah. This may disturb generations of Israelis, even if the names of Olmert and Halzut have been forgotten and even Nasrallah can no longer be reminiscent of the name of Amir Peretz.

To understand the meaning of Assad’s words, you must be seen in a historical context. The whole Zionist company has been compared to organ transplantation in a human body. The natural immune system revolts against a foreign implant, the body mobilizes all his power to get it off again. The doctors use a high dose of medicine to overwind this resistance of the body. That can take a long time, sometimes to the death of the body itself, inelectously the transplanted organ. (Of course, this comparison – like any other – should be used carefully. But a comparison can help to better understand things, but not more than that).

The Zionist movement has planted a stranger body into this country, which was a part of the Arab-Muslim world then. The inhabitants of the country and the whole Arab region rejected the Zionist Entitat. Meanwhile, the Judian settlement has beaten roots here and has become a real new nation rooted in this country. His defense force against the refund is grown. This fight lasts already 125 years and will always be violent from generation to generation. The last war was just another such episode.

What is our historical goal in this debate? A fool will say: a high dose of medicines delivered by America and the Jews all over the world. The big stupid head will add: There is no solution. This situation will stay on always. By contrast, nothing can be done, except that we defend ourselves in a war around the other. And the next war knocks on our ture.

The way will say: Our goal is that the body accepts the implanted organ as its idea so that its immune system does not treat us as an enemy that has to be stabbed at any price. And if this is the goal, our efforts must be in the first place in this direction. This is called: Each of our actions must be reviewed primarily on this simple criterion: It serves our goals or hinders it?

According to this criterion, the second Lebanon War was a catastrophe.

59 years ago – two months before our independence war – I published a brochure titled "War or Peace in the Semitic Region". The introductory words were:

When our Zionist father decided to create a "safe port" for the Judian people in Palastina, they had the choice between two opportunities: they were able to appear in Kleinasia like European conquerors in order to form a Brand’s head of "sads" and the Advanced such as men’s people behave – just like the Spanish conquistadors or the Anglo-Sachsian colonists in North America. So the crusaders had behaved in Palastina.

The other possibility of possibility to look at: as an Asian people, which returns again, a people, which sees itself as a legacy of the political and cultural heritage of the Semitic race and is ready to become the people of the Semitic region in the fight against European exploitation send out.

As is too well known, the state of Israel, which was founded a few months later, elected the first way. He handed the French colonial power to the hand and tried to help Greaky Britain to return to the Suez Canal, and since 1967 it has become the little brother of the United States.

That had been unavoidable. Over the years, there were always evidence that the immune system of the Arab-Muslim world began to accommodate graft (Israel) – as a human body ames the organ of a nearby relative – and accept us. Such a sign was the visit of Anwar Sadat in Jerusalem. Also the peace treaty, which was closed with Konig Hussein, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. And above all the historical decision Yassir Arafats, the driver of the Palastian people, to make peace with Israel.

But after every coarse step, an Israeli step came back. It is like the graft rejects the acceptance of the body. As if it was accustomed to be accessible, and now everything does to bring the body to bring it even more violent.

On this background you should use the Assad Jr. after the last war enabled words, he is a part of the new Arab generation itself.

Fight of cultures

All of our government’s war destinations have dissolved in air one by one – now new ground were served: "The Battle of Cultures", the rough campaign of the Western world and their high-nasal values against the Barbaric darkness of the Islamic world.

This is a matter of the words Theodor Herzls, the founder of modern Zionism, which he wrote in the basic document of the Zionist movement ("the Jewish state") before 110 years ago: "For Europe, we were a stucco of Walles against Asia, we were get the prospecting service of culture against the barbarism."Without knowing it, Olmert repeated this idea as justification for this war to please Prasident Bush.

From time to time someone invents an empty but slightly lack of global slogan, which then dominates the public discourse for some time. The stummer of the slogan is, the gross are his chances that he will be a guiding star for the world of academics and the media until another slogan appears and replaced the previous one. The last example is the slogan from the "Fight of Cultures", which was represented in 1993 by Samuel Huntington.

What for a "fight" is between the Muslim Indonesia and the Christian Chile? What eternal fight is between Poland and Morocco? What connects Malaysia with Kosovo, two Muslim states? Or two Christian states such as Sweden and Athiopia?

In what ways are the ideas of the West sublimated than that of the East? The Jews escaped the flames of heretic combustion of the Christian Inquisition in Spain were taken with open arms by Muslim-Ottoman Empire. The Democratic Adolf Hitler embedded in one of the most cultivated European Volkers began the Holocaust – without the Pope protesting his voice.

In what ways are the spiritual values of the United States, the gross power of the West, to those of those of India and China, the distinguished made of the East,? Huntington was forced to give himself: "The West did not win the world through the superiority of his ideas or values or religion, rather through his superiority, organized violence. The Euro-Americans often forget this fact – the rest of the world does not."Also in the West, the women became only in the 20th. Century the right to vote, and the slavery was only in the 2. Half of the 19. Centuries abolished. And in the leading nation of the West raises fundamentalism now.

For God’s sake, which interests we have to voluntarily a political and military vanguard of the West in this imaginary "fight"?

The truth is, of course, that this whole story is nothing but an ideological guise for something other than an ideological cover coat, which has no context of ideas and values: namely the decision of the US, the ground of the world, especially those of the Ols, to dominate.

Fight for the supremacy

The second Lebanon War is viewed by many as Deputy War. This should mean that the Hezbollah of the Doberman of Iran and we are the Rottweiler of the USA. Hezbollah receives her money, the missiles and support from the Islamic Republic; We get the money, the stray bombs and the support of the USA.

This is certainly superscript. Hezbollah is a real Lebanese movement rooted deep in the Shiite community. The Israeli government has its own interests (the occupied territories) that do not depend on America. But undoubtedly some truths stuck in the arguments that this was also a deputy war.

The United States against Iran, because Iran holds a key role in the region in which the world’s most important oil reserves store. Not only that Iran itself is sitting on a gross overal – his revolutionary Islamic ideology threatens the American control of the surrounding Ollander. The lower resources are becoming increasingly important for the modern economy. The one who controls the OL also controls the world.

The United States were attacked by Iran even when it inhabited by Pygmaen goods that were hitched the religion of the Dalai Lama. There is a shocking similarness between George W. Bush and Machmud ACHMADINEDSCHAD: The one driver’s personal talking with Jesus – the other has a direct wire to Allah. But the real name of the game is supremacy.

What for an interest we have to be drawn into this fight? What interests do we have to be regarded as an attachment of the largest enemy of the Muslim world in general and with right in the Arab world in particular?

We want to live here in 100, in 500 years. Our most fundamental national interests therefore demand that we oppose our hands of the Arab nations that accept us so that we rebuild the region together with them. That was the truth 59 years ago and this also applies to the next 59 years.

Small politicians like Olmert, Peretz and Halzut are inadequate to think in these categories. They can hardly see them up to their nasal tip. But where are the intellectuals that should be farsighted?

Bashar Al-Assad does not like to be a gross thinker. But his remark should certainly make us very thoughtful.

Uri Avnery is the primary of the peace movement Gush Shalom. The long-term Knesset deputy Avnery, born in 1923 in Beckum and emigrated to Palastina in 1933, lated for decades to the most crooked figures of Israeli politics. He has become known far over the borders of his country through his chunkfer-critical accompaniment of official Israeli government policy. For his commitment to peace in the Middle East, numerous awards have been awarded him.

From the English: Ellen Rohlfs and Christoph Glanz. Authorized by the author.

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