Amazon buys online bookhandler abc

Overcast and mergers are on the agenda of the FLOT progressing globalization (see SNI / ACER). Now the American Internet book shipping Amazon with the telebook inc. also take over the leading German Buchhandler and Online Pioneer ABC Bucherdienst GmbH., one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the US, expands thus to the European market.

As was known on Tuesday, Amazon takes with one blow equal three internet handlers: the telebook inc., (Miami / Florida), Holding and Property of the German Society, Bookpages Limited and the Internet Movie Database. With a catalog of three million beers, telebook provides Amazon.COM one "Landmark for expansion at the European market" dar. With the supersence of the Internet Movie Database wants Amazon.COM in the online sales of videos. In total, approximately 55 million US $ dollars are estimated for buying, accurate purchase prices were not mentioned. The Deals are financed via the Borse: About half a million Amazon shares are to be ied in addition to paying the acquisitions.

The ABC Bucherdienst GmbH pays with its available in the BTX system since 1991 and available on the Internet on the Internet on the Internet for the German online pioneers. He was founded seven years ago by the Regensburg entrepreneur Ulrike Stadler. At that time she sold at home Bucher Uber BTX, today the company offers around one million titles. 500 to 600 orders are on Dail at ABC, domestically, the books are even filtered free of charge. Among the online bookstores in Germany ABC is in the first place. For the 60 employees in Regensburg, the suppure should not have immediate consequences, rally of telecept now, as the expansion in Germany is imminent. Michael J.G. Gleissner, business drivers of telebook, is optimistic: "We are excited about the clash with, as our long-term experience in Germany and the global awareness of Amazon.Com as well as the superior technology to many advantages for the customer."

Amazon.Com Inc., The large Internet book trade company was founded by US computer specialist Jeff Bezos only three years ago. Today, the online bookstore offers a catalog with more than 3 million beers and cooperates among other things with AOL, Yahoo!, Netscape, Excite, Altavista Search Service and @Home Network. Only on Monday Amazon had.Com The Borsians in Wall Street with a good first annual quarter surprised. now has 2.3 million customers. Thus, the company was able to increase its customer base by 564 percent compared to the previous year. More than 60 percent of them are regular customers, such a corporate speaker. Amazon.Com set around 147.7 million US dollars in 1997 – these are around 260 million marks. For 1998, Amazon expects sales of 200 million US dollars, the ABC Bucherdienst an increase in sales of eleven million to 20 million marks. At the same time with the publication of the Qurartal numbers, the company announced a digestion of ordinary shares in the ratio 2: 1.

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