Altmaier: “narrow chance” for quick repair of the climate law

Altmaier:'schmale chance' fur rasche nachbesserung des klimagesetzes'schmale chance' fur rasche nachbesserung des klimagesetzes

According to the judgment of the Federal Scalance Court to the Climate Protection Act, several associations demand the government to act. The Energy Association of BDEW demanded to meet important decisions before the general election. German environmental aid demanded rapid losses, including a speed limit of 120 hour kilometers on highways. Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) still sees opportunities for an improvement of the law until the general election and pladished to hold out the topic from the election campaign.

Specifications also required for the time after 2030

The committee court had decided on Thursday that the Federal Government must improve the Climate Protection Act adopted in 2019 in order to protect the freedom rights of young generations. The law determines for the years until 2030 for individual areas such as traffic, agriculture and buildings, how much greenhouse gases you canceled in which year. The Karlsruher Richter also demand more detailed reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions for the time after 2030. The legislator has Dafur until the end of 2022. The verdict was awarded climate protection. Around 100 climate activists demonstrated on Thursday evening in front of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Economic Minister Altmaier sees the possibility of reworking to the general election. "There’s a narrow chance that still to be approved", he said at ZDF on Thursday evening-"today’s Journal". He is ready to approach the parties in the Bundestag in the next week, also with Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD). Altmaier said, the claim of the climate neutritat until 2050, the law is not fair. Climate neutritat means only so many greenhouse gases can run as well as being bound again.

Environment Minister Schulze explained in the ARD-"Daily topics" "ready to submit a law". She was curious if the Union goes along. The SPD politician described the verdict as "Ruckenwind for climate protection". She was responsible for the Union that not more than 2030 could be planned. "It was not possible to implement a goal for 2040 with the Union", said Schulze.

"Ruckenwind for climate protection"

SPD chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz threw the Union, they stand on the brake when expanding the renewable energies. "Another government conducted by the CDU has not only missed the climate goals, but also in Germany’s wealth and economic success in the next decades of dangerous", the Federal Finance Minister said the newspapers of the Funke Media Group.

On the other hand, Union Factionsvize Andreas Jung made it clear that the Union is serious about climate protection. Which go in the short term, must still be launched by this government, said the CDU politician of "Augsburger general". "And then, a strict on innovation-aimed creding overall concept for achieving the 1.5 degree target and the climate neutritat is very concrete in our common government program", bent young. The MUSSE for Christian people’s commitment. "It’s about the Parisian Climate Agreement and thus about what Pope Francis "The defense of the mother earth" is called", Said young.

The states of the earth had agreed at the end of 2015 in Paris to significantly limit the ergimatism compared to the pre-industrial age as well as to stop the temperature rise at 1.5 degrees.

Demands on scouring

Grunen see according to the judgment above all Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) in the duty. Factions vice Oliver Krischer said the German Press Agency, now expecting the government and, in particular, scaffolding in the transport sector, that climate protection is released until summer with new goals and mails. And not only for the time from 2030, but also for the next few years. "We finally need a car tax reform that helps the electric car to breakthrough." Also, the shift of good transport to the rail must finally be tackled, said Krischer.

The main manager of the Energy Association of Bdew, Kerstin Andreae, also invited the government to the hurry. "The current Federal Government still has a number of projects in terms of energy and climate policy, which must no postponment and should be addressed before the Bundestag election", said Andreae the dpa. In addition, a stronger expansion of renewable energies and a future-oriented regulation of hydrogen infrastructure. The Chairman of the Federal Environment and Nature Conservation (Bund), Olaf Bandt, warned in a DPA speech: "We need clear guidelines when we reach climate neutritat, as the path looks like and what contribution the individual sectors must make."

German Environmental Help sees after the verdict good chances of success of other climate sites. Federal federal fuel Jurgen Resch said the German Press Agency, the environmental aid has filed in front of the Upper Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg lawsuits to sector goals about traffic and industry. Politicians KONNE instantly seemed to take Mails for more climate protection, said Resch. A general speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour on highways, Tempo 80 on lands and pace 30 in the city of Konnen to 2034 saves around 100 million tons of CO2. Resch also craved the demand for environmental aid after a car with internal combustion engine from 2025.

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