All in a good mood, only the blacks not

Reactions on Rostock

Is it a comodie? Is it a platform? What probably Thomas Bernhard, the old master of the public theater had said? The stucco is known, the exit too and yet in the end all the insanely rain in the end. Moorish, colorful and peacefully, all demonstrations begin for peace, including in Rostock. But where black and grunge groups are opposite, there have been a unwritten ritual of "chaotic violence disputes" for decades. Where is the finding value of the spectacle? Class search in the exercises to the riot in Rostock.

All in a good mood, only the blacks not

Waste for all, which is sacrificed by a few: 30 cubic meters of mull were moving away in the morning after the demonstration, of which ten cubic meters of dashing, "which had been used by the rioters for throwing floors".

The exact high of property damage is still unclear, they are, like ubrow, "in the hillion". In contrast, the numbers of the injured are pretty precise with 433 policemen and 520 demonstrators. Injuries are above all bone breaks, including open, named. No one seems to be lifelike to the Gluck.

According to the commentator of the FAZ, this is clearly the price for the "deeskalation strategy" of the police, "which obviously existed to occur with a little martial….She is not allowed to suggest such a tactic a second time."

In the same Horn, the Bavarian Minister of the Interior Beckstein, who described the violence under the demonstrators in an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk as "Gangster" (For Federal Interior Minister Schauble they are "criminals") and harder approach demanded:

For example, if you have Tranengas in your pocket, you must be custody until the end of the G-8 summit.

The riot was prepared by carefully to be carefully. The small number of arrests is according to Beckstein "Aubert unsatisfactory".

The police spoke of 125 arrests, the lawyer’s emergency service, which is a protest participant, of at least 165. On the rims many foreigners were involved in the knowledge of the police. Among the arrested autonomous were Bulgarians, Austria, Japanese, Sweden, Spaniards, French and Russians. It is revealed about it that empty stimulus and tranenga cartridges were found with Cyrillic inscription in the turning work. In total, 2000 violent autonomous arrived.

Financial Times Germany

Konrad Freiberg, head of the police union, calculates for further demonstrations with the worst – "This is a spiral of violence" – And also calls for a harder gait against violence:

There must be before controls take place where the chaotes meet. If you have stones, knives or knuppel, you must immediately custody in the police.

During the Wolfgang Bacon, Chairman of the German Police Union, Criticism of the Deescalation Strategy of the Police UBT, wants to see the coordinator of the Rostock Anti-G8 Bundis, Monty Schadel, Naturcover no such a police strategy of the police on the works, which earned this name:

The police did not contribute to the decalation… The police are (..) Performed and unprofessional… Nothing was to be seen in the run-up to a lot of decalcalation team.

For the Munchner Police Psychologist Georg Sieber, protagonist of the "Munchner line" (cf. Here), which sets on deescalation and speech, the fault of the police was above all in "closed use" (cf. Police Psychologist Sieber speaks of "Inserting"):

This is called useful stupidity since the 1970s. D.H. Relatively many young policemen from the standby police are not used individually, but as a chain or in the stobrupp… "In Rostock, everything has been made a textbook, as it should not be. The police learn that at the police academy, that you do not do it. That’s why this mission was in front of the front.

For the next day, it now needs a rough political gesture to avoid escalation, such as "the fence and all the demonstrative aggression symbols disappear".

But that will not be possible. I think the situation is really procedure.

Apparently also between the block of the G8 opponents:

"But it is certainly a thousand people from the environmental movement, even other groups auber us who have demonstrated yesterday", So Karsten Smid by Greenpeace opposite the mirror.

There have been many people with whom you can not talk.

Karsten Smid is not the only one who "Two faces of the Protest "sees, this lump-sum perception can be found in almost all reports, new are perhaps the details that are recognized by passing reporters under the hoods:

Actually, it’s a colorful people marching there. In front "Justice now", and behind the communists from the DKP, from whom you did not know that they are still there. In between, Turks, Scots, Portuguese, Italians, Koreans, the Gottinger Peace Block, the peer small farm agricultural agriculture, in a good mood, relaxed, lettily – only one does not, and that’s the blacks. Pale faces under hoods and behind sunglasses. Some hold small, black flags in the hands, and when one of them goes up, then this is a sign for the others. These guys do not stroll, which are compact therefore, on fast legs. Banner and transparent you have draped around your block like a visual panel. On one is: "Talked G8 by all means." Everything is breathing aggressiveness.

Stefan Klein, Suddeutsche Zeitung

But the uninspoints are the only ones who know exactly what they want, the comment on the demo determines:

The autonomous, the only well-organized group know exactly what they want, are accepted as a militant aircraft of the worldwide protest movement, no matter what political nonsense they give from themselves. Then they first march Brav with, recently – by which climatic – with uniform sunglasses, and towards the end or shortly after the completion of the demonstration begins then reliable the randal.

Michael belly muller, Suddeutsche Zeitung

And the finding in the end: "It is the old symbiotic ratio between rioters and police: one wanted plaster, and now they get him."

In all clarity, the ritual is disenchanted by a blogger:

Now has a Riot, the place expected on the part of the police at the expected time of the expected people, there is nothing subversive more in itself, but comes to the ritual. The acting does not have the game board in the hand, but are chess pieces and thus not car – but heteronomy. A black block provides exactly the pictures the state apparatus needed to justify his menstrous security measures. Thus, autonomous also fulfills (which, as we have seen, not autonomously acted) a planned site in the spectacular economy and are part of the cultural industrial orchestra.

For another, Rostock means at least the end of a terrible slogan:

One thing is clear, the rioting in Rostock were the definite end of a slogan, which was probably in forgotten anyway, but still as a worst of parole, as a triumph of embarrassment remembered: "Where, where, where are you waiting in Rostock?"Sound is richly meaningful and grammatically, German police officers opposed to the fact that the state power in August 1992 the racist MOB of days in Lichtenhagen. Now the parole has been exhausted, because with Rostock Riot pictures are connected. It is proud to have the most anticipated with the state power and on it, for one to two days through the collective withdrawal of small cars and mulltons theme in the international press. Proud to be close to the Archimedic point of "movement", the clashes in Genoa, come close.

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