Air war in afghanistan

The number of totete civilians rises, criticizes Human Rights Watch, the bombing of a village where 90 civilians have been killed, is allegedly reviewed by NATO and Pentagon again

The Human Rights Organization Human Rights Watch points out in the Troops report in Contact ‘: Airstrikes and Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan that air strikes in Afghanistan are more and more victims under civilians. The number of death victims has tripled between 2006 and 2007. Similar to Iraq, soil troops are supported or replaced by numerous missions of the Luftwaffe. Due to false information or praventive bombing, not only the victims under civilians increases, but also grows the rejection against the coalition and ISAF troops, while the position of the Afghan government is undermined at the same time. Conditioned by HRW but also the use of "Human shields" by uprising.

"When a quick intervention was necessary by air raids, this was associated with an increased number of civilian victims, with each bomb, which is thrown away from the populated area, the risk of misconsters increased," says Brad Adams, Head of the Asian Department of Human Rights Watch. "Due to errors of US and NATO troops, the public support for the Afghan government and the acceptance of international operational troops for the protection of Afghan population have enormously removed."HRW criticizes the full practice of the Pentagon, routinely to reject any responsibility for death and push to the Taliban behind "Human shields" hide, which only partially authorize. In addition, investigations, they should be initiated at all, mostly called as a symbolic gesture, but at best fleeing and carried out on one side.

Open numbers are very inaccurate. While the US-registered coalition troops and the ISAF troops usually speak only of Tototen Taliban or militants, it often meets in Afghanistan, they are only or above all civilians. According to HRW, at least 929 civilians have died in 2006 as a result of the armed conflict or war. 699 In the context of Taliban attacks, including connection, 230 at least by US and NATO attacks, of which 116 by air suspensions. In 2007, the number of toten civilians has risen to at least 1633, 950 in the context of attacks of uprising, including Taliban and Al-Qaeda, at least 321 by air raids. In the first seven months of 2008, at least 540 civilians have been killed, at least 367 by attacks of uprising, at least 119 by air raids.

The year-round air intelligence has reached a new record in Afghanistan in Afghanistan. Thus, in June 1400 inserts were flown, in July it was already 1900. In 2007, in December already bombs with a explosive power of Uber 150.000 pounds thrown, as much as ever (throughout the year it was 1.229.000 pounds), so the aircraft of the coalition and ISAF troops threw over 317 in June.000 pounds, in August was a slight racy to 268.000 recorded. As in the face of this number, the federal government wants to disrupt that it is a war, is veiled.

Youngest examples of the application of excessive violence, referring to HRW, are the bombing of a wedding company in July (Afghanistan: bombs on the wedding) and on 22. August the village of Azizabad in the District Shindand (Afghanistan: 30 Tote Taliban or over 70 dead civilians?To). In a short message, it bothered the Pentagon in the full-time success style, one has totated at an attack on a position of militants 30 extremists and a Taliban driver. Civilians are not killed (Afghanistan: Safety by massacre at civilians?To).

After not only a team of the Afghan government, but also observers of the UN of at least 90 dead languages, one interpreted that some civilians were killed in the attack, but the premieges declined and explained how ubiquit, one would examine the incident. Still on 2. September was repeated in a message from the Pentagon that in the bombing between 30 and 35 "Taliban extremists" and 5-7 civilians have been killed. The bombing was justified after the application rules, after Afghan and US soldiers are under shelling. Oliver North, the for Fox News as "embedded" Reporter works, I have confirmed this report, it is called. The Afghan Prasident Karzai criticized the air raid sharp, called for the Pentagon, now finally to be reversed other operational rules to avoid the death of civilians, and ordered a checking of relations between Afghan and US troops.

Apparently, however, the prere has become so crude that the possible massacre no longer easily pushes under the table. For example, General David McKiernan, the commander of the ISAF troops, is one that e his "Give a rough discrepancy between the number of totete civilians reported by soldiers and villagers". He announced further investigations. The Pentagon also wants to answer the incident again.

If it applies, what the British Times reports, then this time can not be denied the excessive bombing anymore from the world. Apparently, a doctor has taken pictures with his camerahandy pictures on which he is watching, as he goes through rows of corpses and raise people of totters under which children and babies lie. People wanted to participate in a dead celebration when the village came under shelling of helicopters, armed drones and a C130 Spectre fighter aircraft with on-board cannons. Allegedly, the video of the doctor is confirmed by another video made by Afghan governmental people, but has not yet been published.

In the Afghan-Pakistani border area, the attacks of the US militar seem to heap on suspected militant. This has repeatedly to conflict with the Pakistan government. The beginning of the month US floor troops have carried out an attack on Pakistani soil (failure salviene). There are always reports that attacks with armed drones have taken place. Often it is called, it had come to civilians about life. Here, the truth can still be severely confirmed than in Afghanistan. Today, two drones have shot a Koran school in a village, with at least six people who have come to life and 20 people, especially women and children, had been injured. The attack was allegedly directed against a Taliban leader who leads the school. But this had not been present.

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