Air traffic is the world-growing and meaningless abm maaking

A trip to the BusinessClass of the ABM

Efficiency? Market economy? competition? None of this is available in air traffic. Ironically, the technological highlight of the locomotion, which overweight further distances in a short time, Gerat for completely uneconomic self-purpose. In air traffic, the way is always the goal. And the goal is for all involved, for Airliners such as guest, security controls such as advertisers partly high-paid and largely overflowed work. Flying is the unrealistic, which the capitalism offers his young people to the pastime and brooter advertising. One reason to once again in the Inner German AirportCrowd, where time and money do not matter.

LH 2038 will be 13.20 from MUC to TXL withdraw. Failing-nervose mails Schuren in the run-up The travel fever: "Please check-in and Select Your Preferred Seat." Two and a half hours I need for the 82 kilometers as the crow flies from home to the airport with public transport. Too half an hour security buffer, because DB Logistics is involved in substrates. From the completely neglected S-Transmission station Laim 45 minutes are in the superfilled train. Because of the safety checks you should be one hour before departure in the terminal. Makes four hours only for departure.

Air traffic is the world-growing and meaningless ABM maaking

After entering the booking code in the boarding cards in Terminal 2, only three middle resorts remain in the row of airbuses in the row of airbus. I decide for 27 E, with which I was already allowed to make the oont’s acquaintance. 27 E is the place that inexperienced rare flyers get: Light years removed from the gangway, reached Spat in the short flight from the Gear Waggon, lost between manic ipadlers and Emsfl-Adepten (Earphone), which distribute chocolate chocolate of the Miesiest Milkariegel of the LH on your Kenzosakko, So that you look at the lecture in the capital like an Excel Lecturer in Nordhorn. After an hour in the superfilled intra-German flight, you can play in every novel by Vladimir Kaminer.

But who travels such powers, brings the uptable sacrificialization, he serves a higher purpose, namely the demand of European high technology, globalization and growth. While not clarifies to this day, as 168 people should enter into an airplane in less than 30 minutes, as and where they can pee, but the engines and the radar work so well that the aircraft is considered a safe of all means of transport.

The third public funded traffic system

Let’s try to understand the history of the German air traffic. So: Shortly after reunification, a billion company ICE network was built, which Fortan was association all German city in the hourly clock. The operator, which is unfortunately no longer existing Deutsche Bahn, was a state-owned company.

In 1933, the highway was what was the internet in 1995: a Sauteer’s net that could only use rich ones who could afford the associated hardware. Meanwhile, well-developed three-lane car tracks with the ICE are competing nationwide. On the A9 at Allersberg you can observe AMG driver while trying to overtake the ICE.

The motorway network is also completely state-financed and must be steady because of heavy duty traffic.

In addition, Huge New Airport has been opened in Munchen, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. What connects you traffic philosophically? They are not available with the network of Deutsche Bahn. That’s reasonably intended, because we should fly there, do not drive a train. Instead, the airports offer tens of thousands of parking for the airfields. Instead of originally planned 2.5 billion marks, the Franz Josef Straub Airport then cost 8.5 billion marks. All the losses of operation must be worn by the state.

However, the incentive of this third, publicly funded transport network does not seem to align. An airport also requires flights. These are from so-called "Airline" organized, which in turn need aircraft. Since these are very, very expensive, they are also developed and built by the state.

The large-scale aircraft company of civil aviation is called EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company). 113.000 employees at 70 production sites have been producing billions of losses for decades for the European taxpayers for decades. However, the technical demanding aircraft are too expensive to airlines. They are therefore relatively leased over nested leasing constructions from the state itself with symbolic minical. The purchase price is only on the paper. This offer is so attractive that airlines like 20 stucco "order", So secure production for a few months.

You might be mine, the provision of airport and aircraft could be sufficient to demand aviation. But this is not the case. Airplanes do not require no fewer experts after view. "The kerosene", complain the airlines unison, "is too expensive." "no problem", says the state. "Then we renounce gasoline and sales tax."

A gallon kerosene currently costs 2 dollars 90. A gallon has 3.79 liters. Depending on the dollar course, a liter of kerosene costs around the 60 cents. A liter of gasoline or diesel, however, swells for 1 Euro 60 from the gap. 3200 liters in the hour sprayed such a 320 with 168 seats. Since about 120 guests fly on average, these are 26.6 liters per passenger.

Despite this triple subsidy, almost all airlines go bankrupt. The simple reason: Hardly a passenger is ready to pay the fully cost of several thousand euros per flight.

"Airport Security Is Killing US"

Airport, plane, kerosene – What is still missing to support the German air traffic, the ICES and highways to empty? Everyone knows it since 9/11. It is the security. Since allegedly 19 Afghanistan remote attacks, among them 15 Saudis with carpet knives, two aircraft of type Boeing 767 took place in the World Trade Center, millions of workplaces worldwide were set up worldwide for security controls. It is among far a poorly paid shift service, for its export almost no training is required. Hundreds of these apexers are now outside the boom times in the morning and in the evening helpful and busy in tens of ten on the expensive terminals around and specializing in yesterday’s RTL-2 program. Your message: Flying is even on the ground growth and bus. The big dimming of the world.

A former World Bank has been acting as a columnist in the businessweek for some time. One of his most momest stucco bears the gorgeous title "Airport Security Is Killing US". Charles Kenny introduces it to a scheduled comparison: through unfallow in the bath, so Kenny, namely, in the US, more people around the world around the world around the world "Islamic terrorism". One of Kenny’s costly study of the Cornell University also proves that among those funf percent of passengers who have gained flying thanks to the security controls, by car driving 100 additional dead to complain, as flying is safer. Also, that the cost of 9/11 in the US $ 55 billion alone until 2011 in the United States for Homeland Security were in high 580 billion dollars stood to Kenny for acquisition value.

Meanwhile, safety and airport fees make the half of the air price. The passenger pays a penalty tax for inefficiency and lack of economic calculation.

Just a pity that Kenny did not take the airport, the aircraft of Boeing and EADS and the kerosene in his calculation.

Another less known business model of aviation looks like this: The EU builds for a few hundred million euros an airfield in Gaza. Then the American government commissions the Israeli Luftwaffe to make this airport equal to the ground funded by the US-state aircraft. Subsidy content in this unusual ABM mockage: 100 percent.

Now Kenny describes air traffic in a country where domestic flowing from the European point of view remotely in foreign time zones. In domestic passenger traffic, but even for flights to Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam and Vienna, the opportunity costs were completely distrusted when alternatives were calculated in any form. Telephone conferences calculated. Railway rates retrieved. Only a small part of the flights stop the rational escape of a company requirement.

From Munchen to Berlin, about the flight with directions and security buffers for parking or local traffic at least fun hours from home to house. The 6 hours 16 of the ICE are already reached when you come from the western Munchner surrounding area, lands in Tegel and then after Eberswalde must. The most expensive post in this calculation, which the greats had changed, but were the subsidies for job creation air traffic.

On the jerk flight, in turn in the A 320, may I frequent the 16b this time. 11 b was natural. Front in the BusinessClass Sits Volker Kauder with other Bundestag deputies. Since the subsidy of the airport, the aircraft, kerosine and the security is insufficient to stop you for using the aircraft, you can fly for free businessclass in your constituencies.

Or just in this case to the Wies’n. An official meeting with the CSU does not take off that. This transfer was able to offer a unique socio-cultural experience for viabled deputies: it switches from an ABM maaking with an ABM mockage into an ABM maaking. They make the business class of the ABM, to speak.

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