After warning through the music industry: youtube dl is back

After warning through the music industry: YouTube DL is back

YouTube DL is back; Previously, the library for YouTube downloads from Github disappeared.

After the stakeholders of the US Musical Industry (RIAA) of the Code Hosting Platform GitHub had sent a warning of the Python Library YouTube-DL, the source code of the Github software was removed. The RIAA was of the opinion that the library clears against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and had threatened with a lawsuit against the code hoster operated by Microsoft.

Now – after weeks of the protest by Burgerreller, journalists, open source developers and simple users of the software – Github restored the repository of YouTube-DL. The software clarifies after consulting the own lawyers not against the DMCA, Github shared in a blog entry.

YouTube videos are not copying, so the eff

DMCA underlines, for example, analogous to warnings through salaries in the German room, can otherwise know more in a way that focuses on content providers or creatives. Customer owner can use this instrument to leverage reflective content, for which you can use copyright to remove from the network.

According to DMCA, however, it is also prohibited, "Effective copy protection" bypass. Software, which is suitable, could therefore also violate the law. This is known, for example, from the disputes for DVD copy protection CSS – and the adjoining "illegal" Prime number. And the RIAA is probably the opinion that YouTube DL is such a software as it is used to download streamed video content from Youtube.

That YouTube-DL can also be used to download unprotected and very released content, how many commutations of the software argue, seems irrelevant. As long as you can handle the effective copy protection, the threat of the RIAA seems to have a hand and fow.

Now Github says in his blog entry to restore the software that is not the case. In this case, one relies on a contradiction to the warning by the RIAA, which was filed by the Burger Rights Organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The EFF represents the developers of YouTube DL and has the case examined. The conclusion was concluded that YouTube-DL does not handle effective copy protection. The EFF argues that YouTube currently not effectively prevents users from downloading video streams. And in fact, it is possible to handle this function of YouTube-DL with something own JavaScript code and a commercial browser and download videos.

Questioned decision at the district court of Hamburg

While this contradicts a decision of the Landgericht Hamburg of 2017, apparently a tracking mechanism is considered effective copy protection. The LG Hamburg had decided that the tracking function implemented in Javascript is effective copy protection, as simple users (as well as the judge in the case) do not have enough knowledge regarding JavaScript programming and the technical details, To set appropriate requests to the YouTube server correctly.

However, this argument according to the goods but also pretty much an infiltrated Internet protocol effective shutters. Finally, the average user does not know how to handle an HTTP request handy. Most users do not even know that you can view the source code of each website in the network.

The RIAA can, of course, still implement your threat and sue GitHub and may sue the developers of YouTube-DL. However, the argumentation of the EFF seems to be quite sound, which is why such a complaint would rather attribute little success prospects.

It is more likely that the RIAA will try to boost prere on YouTube and move the platform to capture content in the future. In your letter, the EFF explains the Streaming Copy Protection Widevine, which uses, for example, Netflix. Should YouTube implement something similar, a clear DMCA violation would be a clear DMCA.

Github wants to better defend his developers in the future

But the RIAA has definitely reached: Github seems to have been ruddled by this particular warning. What is probably because Github boss Nat Friedman had taken the YouTube DL case quite a personally. So the code hosting platform developers wants to better protect against similar warnings in the future.

For this you want to have similar DMCA warnings of technical and legal experts from now on. In addition, the company invokes a development defense fund into life and pays there a million US dollars intended to meet the lawyers and court costs of affected developers. You want to work together with organizations known in this area such as the EFF and the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC).

And finally, Github wants to make lobbying in the US government to make relevant parts of the DMCA. Especially the ban on technical means for bypassing (effective) copy protection belongs to the opinion of the code hosting platform abolished or so dangerous that it is no longer impaired developers of software, which can also be used too socially important purposes.

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