Afrin: turkish government dictates media reporting

Afrin: Turkish government dictates media reporting

Counterproganda for Turkish propaganda. Picture: Anf

In the still-NATO state Turkey there is no more free media, believable is a report on how to run the remaining equal media to produce propaganda or fake news

The ACP government has managed that there is no diversity of opinion in Turkey anymore. Critical journalists are arrested, critical media were closed, the political opposition was locked away. Now the Turkic Prasident, who could give even more power with a prasidial system and has long stopped the country in the emergency state, dictate the remaining media in Turkey, as they have on the war of the Turkish dispute with parties from Islamist militant-existing soldermilizers Against the Syrian Kurds and their composites in Afrin and against the attempt of the development of a for the region of the sakular, multiethnic and democratic political system, in which women are considered equal, report.

One had heard as suddenly after the beginning of the attack on Afrin of Turkish politicians and unison of Turkish media not only as usual the PKK was identified directly with the Syrian PYD, but the PYD, which is no terrorist attacks responsible for Turkey, even for The Contribution of the PKK in Turkey was made responsible to brand her as a terrorist, in front of which of the National Security of Turkey directly danger. But then the attacks were just justified that not only the PYD = PKK got, but also the Islamic state, which the Syrian Kurken had just evaporated, could only be swapped with his head. Should Turkish government politics and media really believe that people in Turkey and the global public faith?

However, the ACP government and especially Prasident Erdogan not only desperately desperate conspiracy, but also spread uncommunications (however, in the West, it is much less revised than the Russian media, well because Turkey still has NATO member is so "to us"To). This is especially possible since the time when the AKP picked up the talks with the PKK and resumed the fight against the PKK and the Kurds, stomparent through the coup attempt from which is still not clear who was actually behind it and who he was tolerated.

Since then, at least the opposition is systematically switched off, while the media were equally switched. For example, Hurriyet reports word-forfeit and without any distance that government leader yıldırım claims, not only the PYD and the militia YPG, but also the IS. The State News Agency AA writes that Operation Olive branch had been started, "To remove PYD / PKK and IS terrorists from Afrin". Is claimed by the deputy head of government Bezdag, PKK, YPG, SDF and IS had Afrin, so far a relatively peaceful area, in one "Terrorist" transformed. Increased, that too because of the Kurds "Hundreds of thousands of Syrians" be fled into Turkey. While the Kurds had ruled against the IS, the Turkey announced the Prasence of Isenz of Dscharablus for many years and intervened there until last year, when the risk was that the SDF could distribute the IS and could shut up the corridor to Afrin.

But it is also clear if you read the AKP propaganda medium Daily Sabah that it is not only about preventing an autonomous Kurdish area in Afrin and throughout the North Syria, but also to smash the self-government developed there and the influence of the USA Regret in Syria. Since Moscow and Ankara are present and probably decided to deduct the Deal to deduct the Islamist campers from Idlib and bring to Afrin, so that Damascus idlib and the Turkey Afrin brings under control.

"The Islamic state should also be presented as an operational objective"

If you read Turkish media reports, so you will know that you play the attitude of the government and by no means have to match the reality, but rather fake news or simplicity propaganda, but the interaction between the media and government / militar now makes a report of the Kurdish now Transmenders. This is as partisan, in which case he seems to make what you are reading in the Turkish media.

The Erdogan faithful head of government Yildirim is said to have made clear Turkish media representatives at a meeting as they should report on the Turkish Afrin surgery. Present at the meeting after the report was also Vice-Chancellor Bezdag, the Minister of Defense Nurettin Canikli, the ACP Vice-Chairman Mahir Unal and the State Secretary Fuat Octay. 15 points of the reporting, which are actually available everywhere. In the translation of Civaka-Azad, where there is a ticker to Afrin, the Turkish media should be the attack so. The media will also stick to it if you do not want to be banned or your journalists want to be detained:

  • In the foreground of the reporting should be that the operation to protect the civil avenue to take place.
  • You should be careful with foreign sources, as they were spreading Turkey’s enemy news.
  • In the spread of foreign news sources, the national interest should always be in the foreground.
  • Always should be emphasized that the Turkish army with coarse caution relating to civil avenue.
  • Not only the PKK and PYD are to be represented as the object of the surgery. The Islamic state should also be presented as an operational objective.
  • In the reporting should be emphasized that Turkish soldiers were not in mortal danger.
  • Always should be emphasized that the operation with Turkish weapons be carried out.
  • There are no shots to be widely used to show the Turkish soldiers in danger.
  • It should not be reported on protests in Turkey against the attacks on Afrin.
  • It should be allegrated caution in the reporting on totete turkish soldiers on the day.
  • Foreign reporting on the Afrin operation should not be supposed.
  • People who have a negative over the surgery, should not find no obedience in the Turkish media.
  • No messages will be published, which the PKK or PYD could strengthen.
  • The media should serve the government and the responsible Bozdag and Mahir Unlal responsible by the ACP so as to get information about the surgery.

Also abroad, the steered Turkish reporting has already success. Last but not least, in that the Soldner, which are used by Turkey, according to specification as "Free Syrian army" (FSA) is designated. This militant, but non-religious group has been dissolved in 2011, has been defined, which now named combines have been financed for a long time of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. Former IS, Al Qaeda or Ahrar Al-Shame Camphor can be found in the solder entrees. In contrast to the Kurds, it is predominantly Islamist manners who are now serving Islamist ACP Turkey and probably also supported by Gulf States.

During Turkish media report that FSA association and Turkish soldiers have penetrated in Afrin without stobbing at coarse resistance, Kurdish sources claim that attackers were to be accessed and several tanks were destroyed.

By the way: the silence of NATO who likes to be as a value management community, for Turkish invasion under the consultation with Moscow, is more than rendering. Finally, the invasion is explicitly charged by Ankara and Moscow with the support of the Syrian Kurds by the USA. Turkey is no longer NATO, but NATO are not just the USA.

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