About the mountain: e-car rally in the silvretta

About the mountain: e-car rally in the silvretta

Partenen (Austria), 14. July 2010 – old and new goods at the 13th. Edition of the Silvretta Classic Rally Montafon 2010 combines: As part of the well-known classic car rally in the Silvretta mountains, an e-auto rally took place for the first time this year.

25 electric cars in combat

A total of 25 electric vehicles occurred against each other. Among them is everything that is known in the electrical sector: from already available cars such as the Tesla Roadster or Think City over soon starting electric images such as Mitsubishi I-MiV or Citroen C Zero, to prototypes and testing tags such as Smart Electric Drive, Audi E- Tron, the electric golf, the electrically powered Mercedes SLS and many more. Also fuel cell cars such as the Toyota FCHV-ADV and the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell occurred – this corresponds to the regulations which allocate all electrically powered vehicles, whether the current for the drive from the socket or from a fuel cell.

Up to 2500 high meters

The e-Mobile had to water for three days on the mountain range in Montafon 160 kilometers with a high difference of up to 2500 meters. Ten special examinations are to be completed. Like the Silvretta Classic, the electric car rally is designed as equalibration and reliable conveyance. So it depends on hundredths of hundredths: the lower the deviation from the target times of precision planning, the less penalty points for the team. For example, the vehicles have to drive up the Silvretta High Alpine Tree and on the 15-kilometer mountain strain over a high difference of 1000 meters overweight – and at highly summer temperatures of over 30 degrees.

Who has the least points, wins

For each day stage penalties are distributed. The highest score may be canceled. Then it is added, and who has the least points at the end win. Place One of the Audi E-Tron with 607 total points. On the places, a Mitsubishi i-MiV with 659 points as well as the VW Golf Blue-e-motion with 750 points.

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