A system that creates the problem, which it wants to find out, is absurd

Calls up the penal protection that the right scene surrounded by V-People?

What remains abstain from the neo-Nazis, if one removed all those who work in this milieu on behalf of catching protection? How serious can one take politically a scene whose active squad entertain from the taxpayers of the Braven Burger, yes only motivated? Questions that have been asked for twenty years – after unfavorable scandals of dubious authorities – and never answered.

This is in the nature of the matter: German politics needs the penal impact, because its existence and doctrine delivers the key to the policy and government’s liabilities of the Federal Republic. Who calls to abolish the strike protection as a rough, yes of dangerous homes, struts on the self-mortal language of society. And that’s why the catch protection is needed. He supplies the legitimacy for the "extremism"-Discourse Alias Totalitarian Doctrine. "extremism" Homes: The danger of democracy lurking at the marginalized Rigrants, with the "Extreme" from left and right. The political center, so this doctrine, be a cozy and not recoverable for racist and anti-Semitic Hetzarolen.

The strangers protection is also the incarnation of a history interpretation that claims that the Labile Democracy of the Weimar Republic is between the "Extreme" to be annited from left and right. This thesis is, obscure, still the consensus of political self -understanding of the Federal Republic of Germany. Anyone who challenges this consensus, forces the discursive mainstream to think about the roots where racist terror and anti-Semitic hits come from. This does not seem to be bought, because no political party has dared to demand the passport so far: to handle the strike protection without replacement. And the media like citing protection when it comes to "Right-wing extremism" goes. This saves your own research and arouses the appearance, you are professionals on serious, quasi "trial" Swell, even if these sources have not been recommended or serious neither.

Thuringinger Burgerrechtler wrote in 2000 under the title "Who protects us before the strike protection?":

"The so-called ‘consensus of the Democrats’ as a basic basic myth of the FRG, which after 89, not least through the new rights has learned a renewed renovation as ‘antiTotalitarian consensus’, is based on the analogy construction left = right and the associated deprolitization. The view of the extremes on the edge of the imaginary political spectrum allows the structural position of the (ideological-free) political center…This makes the view of the ‘extremism of the middle’ (undemocratic positions within the middle) darkened. The policy of self-proclaimed Democrats is deprived of critical confrontation by helping the extremism theory to equate the political center with a long-term idea that it does not fulfill."

From this follows: politicians, who are particularly "scanned company" Fears (Edmund Stoiber) or a Volkical Definition of the German Nation (Wolfgang SchaBle: "We do not throw our identity from the commitment to an idea, but from the attractiveness to a particular people"), are per definition sacrosage, because not "extreme". The strike protection provides politicians the theory, the topic "Against the right wing" Statement: Not the national discourse is evaporated, not racist prejudices, not the "IUS Sanguinis", which is still valid antiquated blood and descent as the basis of Volkical Ideas and the Fictitious German "cultural identity" and "Guiding culture", but the "extremism".

who "extremism" says, therefore, the strike protection needs, although there was enough reason to abolish the office in the last three decades.

The V-Manner in the right scene – some examples

In front of the district court Dusseldorf, in 1972, the sanctuary Helmut Krahberg said, member of a terrorist "European liberation front" (ELP). Kronberg was crowned in the process against the nine members of the neo-Nazi gang. He explained, he has the ELP "indirectly co-founded" and was a member of the board. The spy remained as "Agent provocateur" trouble-free.

Hans-Dieter Lepin from Peine, member of the forbidden NSDAP / AO, made in 1977 for the next scandal. Lepzia, the "Security expert" The group had built the bombs personally, the on 2. September and 3. October 1977 Before Judicial Buildings in Flensburg and Hannover exploded – a stop that was first laid in the press of the left scene. Lepzia was sentenced to three and a half years, but did not have to pure his punishment.

In 1983, Werner Lock was revealed in Berlin, also a V-man. He reported by a conspirator meeting on the 17th. June 1977, in the Nazi terrorist of the "Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann" and the "German action groups" of the Manfred Roeder made consultation for connection and surfalling. One tenth of the present Nazis at this meeting were V-Manner.

Werner Gottwald – Deckname: Reiser – provided for the next scandal. Since the beginning of the 1970s, he was the v-man of catching protection in the neonazi scene and mediated with knowledge of the authorities of weapons. Among other things, he ordered fistfire weapons, machine guns, hand grenades and plastic explosive in the value of half a million marks. Gottwald works in the registry department of the Oldenburg Building Office and was in the union and in the overall personnel council of OTV. Only when his name in the Bundestag election campaign in 1980 appeared in 12th Rance 12 of the NPD state list, he experienced a career knick.

The Nazi party forbidden today "Nationalist Front" had probably not grounded and built without the strike protection. The Lower Sachsian State Office spoke in July 1983 Norbert Fast, a member of the Bielefelder "Young National Democrats." Fast dear to glimpse as a V-Man and the information fee to the coffers of the Nazi party, 500 marks a month, tax-free as well as special contributions. The Nazis bought used cars, cameras and cassette recorder and rented a house in Steinhagen. Spicy was that the V-Man driver "Agent" Fast from home searches warned.

The Niedersachsische State Office for strand protection made a little later for the previously big scandal. The author had staged an explosive attack on the wall of the Prison Celle in 1978, with which one tried to share a liberation of the prisoner Sigurd Debus. The then MPs of the Grununen, today’s Federal Environment Minister Jurgen Trittin, spoke of one "Lockspeed", "with which no crimes prevents or clarifies, but was tried to endure third parties to new crimes." The SPD representative in the Committee on the Affare, Willi Walke, resumed, to the government clarification, which should justify the attack on behalf of the preamble protection, "right down to the date and the salutation at all nothing." A comment that Federal Interior Ministers Otto Schily should encourage thinking.

At the beginning of the 90s, Michael Wobbe was "Security officer" the "Nationalist front". Wobbe, also a v-man of catch protection, traveled across the Federal Republic, Sold Nazi Devotionalien and Grundete Several "Comrades". In Fussen, for example, he donated teenagers to crimes and betrayed her with his V-Man driver. Wobbe was untarnished in 1994 and turned off. He lives unmolested today and, among other things, names in the nearby Berlin.

Also, the Solinger Martial Arts Teacher Bernd Schmitt works as a V-Man of North Rhine-Westfalische Preview Protection. In his "German High Performance Martial Arts Association" Celebrated Celebrities Nazis and out, they were sympathizers and love schools for the strab camps. Athletes of the association entered Nazi events as folders. The then Interior Minister Schnorr had to admit that the V-Man Schmitt had warned Schmitt suspicious neo-Nazis in front of house searches.

The Berliner State Office for catching protection was self- "friendly" Segaid as the state criminal office has never taken particularly seriously. In 1998, a high police depth is false of membership of the Scientology sect. Source: a dubious V-man. In the annual report of state protection in 1997, it was reported that the preamble protection "as good as no" Investigating instructions to the police for criminal work. The information of the VS is very helpful overall. "If we did not have their own planers, we looked pretty blassed", Stretched it from the Berlin police proseidium.

The spy system demands the subculture

Consequences are not pulled. In Marz 1999, the Brandenburg State Office for Festival Protection Full-bodied, the right to know the right scene specifically with V people. In the same year later one of the dangerous neo-Nazis in Brandenburg, Carsten Szczepanski Alias "Piatica", as a v-man unmounted. Szczepanski was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment because of attempted murder, so the court "Deep-purified right-wing radicals, neofascist, violent and illuminating attitude." He is the "Fuhrer of the pack" been. Apparently human qualities that made him suitable as a v-man. Even in the jail, he had been hired.

At the same time, the NPD Landstag candidate flew Michael Grube from Grevesmuhlen and the Thuringinger Neonazi Thomas Diene, one of the most outgoing activists of the scene, as V-people. The Thuringings privacy chief Helmut Reamer had to, rarely enough to take his battle hat. The Thuringinger Nazi scene, the suspicion is close, goods without the string protection completely meaningless. Both Tino Brandt, the boss of "Thuringer’s home front" – According to vs, the only active Nazi group in Thuringen, as well as the suppliers of the forbidden organization "BloodHonor" Goods v-people.

A system that creates the problem, which it wants to find out, is absurd. A good informant is someone who makes good work in their senses in their respective organization. A good Nazi is a good informant. Every spy will endeavor to do more and better information – and can only do that by promoting other for his cause and driving it. The spy system requires you subculture to be wired. The act of preamp protection defined by law, in competition to the media to inform the company about its enemies, is unclear – as in quantum physics: From a certain point it is impossible to observe an object without it by the act of the observer influence.

The Romische Staatsmann Marcus Porcius Cato is said to have decided his all speeches before the Romische Senate with the words: "Increased the application to destroy Karthago". At some point you followed him. Ceterum CENSEO: Privacy protection Esse Delendam.

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