A new insatiable stress test

Even with the contested stress test of nuclear power plants, the atomic lobby radiant winners remains

You already knows you, the little stressful stress tests in the banking sector. They were neither in the US nor in the EU’s paper on which the results were published. The fact that not even the banks were discovered in Ireland as a crash candidate, which briefly pulled the whole country into the abyss, is known. That could be a warning example, but in Brussel you are obviously learning resistant. Therefore, a similar disaster threatens in areas outside the meltdown in the financial system. Such a manobever serving only as a groundsuit for the public should also be repeated in the nuclear power plants in Europe.

During the Japanese Fukushima, the Super-Gau has not yet under control, where the high-radioactive chest is still on the destructed Meilern, and you also have to fight for other locations with problems, because they are rooted significantly in Europe, what the first threatened pruds of the European Meiler. Finally, the disaster has become a normal state and the headlights of the media have meanwhile built in other places. For example, the Suddeutsche Zeitung reports today with regard to circles in the field of EU Energy Commissar Gunther Oettinger, that the contested strict tests of nuclear power plants have also passed the Brussel soft powder and now should now be stress-free for operators.

Of the decisions of the European Heads of State and Government at the end of Marz, which attribute about 150 reactors in Europe to new scenarios, nothing remains upheavy. Had been agreed to test the Meiler on whether power supply, cooling and additional aggregates are still functioning for terrorist attacks, human control errors or unexpected emergency situations. Thus, on anyway, known hazard fields should be undergraded, which is why the transfer in the newspaper is misleading: "EU tilts strict reactor tests".

Strict tests were it if you could tap all the nuclear layers on all possible dangers while gross buffer had to be created. The Tornadoes in the US have made a new field open, for example, and even breaking dams and many other dangers had to be included. In addition, intermediate and end bearings had to be undergraded accordingly. Of course, there is no – and if you look at what in the "Experimental camp" ASSE runs (high radioactivity in the aces), you had to switch off all Meiler immediately immediately. Finally, there is no disposal of disposal for the most dangerous mulle, but you need for its altauto as needed as an insurance that covers possible damage.

The nuclear friends in France and the Great Britain know that several Meiler’s planned exams have been exhausted as uncertain, which is why they had to go from the net immediately. That, for example, the French altreactor Fessenheim is not protected against terrorist attacks (without thinking about attacks with aircraft), has been known for years (Why build dirty bombs?To). So is not surprising when the newspaper reports: "According to information from the EU Commission, France and Great Britain penetrate offspring tests." With 59 reactors, France represents the coarse part and the Great Britain at least with 19 from the dangerous electricity dependent.

Allegedly, on proposal of the Association of Western Europe supervisors, the reactors should only "then check whether they withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes, tidal waves or extreme temperature fluctuations". And how ubroads, the Bocke should also be made to the Gartner, which have always been concealed or spared Storfalle in its facilities again and again again in the dangerous nuclear power plants. It should be the operators who now only one "Report on possible hazards and send to the Commission", Report the newspaper.

paper is patient. But on such a stress test one should, the environmentally read, rather refrain quite completely, which also cheaper. You do not need a paper and no money to waste. That London is not even the results of this "Testing" unavailable, let’s eyes deep. In British nuclear power plants, it is apparently how it works as in the reactor in which Homer Simpsons in Springfield is tatig. Since it should not be about the security of the population, one no longer surprises that after the Brusseler are not even "independent EU professionals" Access to the reactors should be maintained. The EU Commission is probably satisfied with it, if you can only see the approval documents and is clarified over licensee.

The nuclear energy and financial sector are thus neither effectively regulated nor pround

They are too "TOO BIG TO FAIL", How synonymous shows itself in Japan ("TOO BIG TO FAIL" now also for energy companies?To). That both sectors are possible to ruin even developed industrialized countries should be clear on the basis of the billionencies, which cost a meltdown in a reactor or in the financial sector. As the profits are always privatized in both sectors and the losses are always socialized, Japan now threatens to take advantage of the government (from the meltment to the government?To). In view of the brussels projects, only one can be determined: after the meltdown is in front of the meltdown.

This had not yet established the International Fund (IMF) for the Financial Industry. "Only on the symptoms of the meltdown in the global financial system" Be prokected. Given the lack of regulation, the IMF said, become the "Saat for the next crisis". In Brussel, meanwhile, everything is probably done just to prepare the path in a nuclear power plant in Europe. After Harrisburg in the US, Chernobyl in the Fruheren USSR and Fukushima in Japan now jerks Europe forward.

In the Swedish Forsmark, even almost a simple power outage reached ("Forsmark is the normal case"To). There are also two Fukushima reactors in Spain. One is even old than the Havaried Japanese blocks. Their problems with emergency cooling are even invested in design, as has been known since 1971. In Spanish ASCO, 14 workers have also been radiated again in a sense, as 25.000 liters of radioactively contaminated water out of the cooling circuit and Knochelief reactor building stand. What exactly happened, the operators do not know.

But they are that, according to the EU, the security reports for the "Stress tests" be responsible. They are also the one who likes to conceal stortalle or spoon (accident series and cover-up in Spanish nuclear power plants) and therefore even one "Record penalty" have been condemned, which you can pay from the postage class, instead of depriving the operating approval. The fact that Sprengkrandos can easily gain access to reactors, Greenpeace has also demonstrated (Greenpeace occupied Spanish atomic power plant). So you can only hope that Islamists do not take the dirty bombs after the murder of Bin Ladin, who stand around in Europe everywhere. Then it was probably not at 191 dead, as with the funding in 2004 in Madrid. Fukushima was allowed to show them where the Achillesferse of the Western States is.

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