A kind of peppone – the burger master of patras

A kind of peppone - the burger master of Patras

Kostas peletidis. Image: City of Patras

Kostas Peletidis is a member of the KKE, Europe’s last Stalinist party represented in Parliament

The fact that the KKE in Greece in Europe’s last Stalinist party is sitting in a parliament and after the swivel Tsipras to the Social Democracy wins in surveys measurable influence, not only with the communist ideology, but also with the consistent practical implementation by the political staff together.

When the first of 2014 became the first elected communist burgermeister, the mutual, subdivided cardiologist Kostas Peletidis was hardly known in the Ukrige Greece. He won in the summer of 2014 with 63.51 percent of the voices the runoff election to the Burgermeisteramt. He reminds of a berth version of the hero of the novel films of Don Camillo and Peppone perfectly played by Gino Cervi. Giovanni Guareschi had portrayed Peppone as lovable communists in his novels, who was in endless, but ultimately the good serving quarrels with the impact-resistant Catholic village priest Don Camillo for the well-being of the villagers.

For the born in the northern Greek Kozani, from a small asian escape family, actually stationary Peletidis found itself in Patras also by the church opponent. These, however, were less lovingly than Don Camillo. Because one of the first official actions of Peletidis was the distribution of references for the harvest of olives on urban olive plantations.

Poor olive collector and the missing church blessings

Peletidis had distributed official licenses to olive collecting at low-income and best after examination of the lives. When these made use of their right, priests appeared in their homes they wanted to bring them under reinforcement to ease the harvested olives of the church. Finally, the priests, the church from the olives, where only them and the police were interested, Ol for the ecclesiastical ollamps. Pelitidi’s intervened personal and sub-band Further actions of the priests.

Before he had brought the olive collectors arrested by the police from the cell. Because the city fields were used without a license in the decades previously as an additional source of income of the police and priests. The police did not want to recognize the official license documents at first. It also turned out that police and church had not gone to collecting himself, but had commerciated commercial operation.

The Burgermeister referred the officials to their ordnance of a previous illegal use of urban property, as well as the resulting consequences, providing for the immediate freezing of the meantime imprisoned olive collectors.

Peletidis, who had created his first enemies with this action, but also implement other of his election promises. He initiated an Arment panel, which requires best burgers a warm meal daily. Because some of the lowest due to age or a circular disability are unable to pilgrims to one of the thirteen urban soup cakes and serve there, Peletidis organized a driving service to deliver the food to this population group. Also for all Schuler Patras, the municipality has been supplying a free pause food since the school year 2015-2016.

Despite the urban funding used in such actions, Peletidis was able to reduce the city charges. He did not need to take a loan, but made only a high efficiency of their own administration. So he forced the cleaning of the city beach and repair of the waterfront, a project that his processes because of the estimated cost of 300.000 Euro again and again, with only 1000 euros capital. For this, instead of private companies, he simply set his own official.

In the port of Patras, the burgermeister with success demanded a refused area unlucky by the harbor operator. There he created a park-and-ride parking for 1000 vehicles. With an obolus of 0.50 cents per day, pendants can park so their vehicle outside the city and use the commuter bus with the same ticket.

Display due to failure

Not everything that Peletidis has been doing since his offsetting, the fall of the judiciary. Because he refused to take place in 2014 to carry out the entitled Stadtischer Staffer appointed by the Sparmsemoranden, the prosecutor complied with him. The judicial criminal process is not yet completed. The next court date is on 27. April 2017.

The memorandum in question provides that convinced city staff assessed and the relatively worst of them is independently dismissed by the actual qualification or work. Peletidis, on the other hand, is at the point that the audits with legal documents and partly after the completion of exams set officials in turn have a contractual right to their procurement.

Display due to boycott of the golden morning red

Another legal proceedings against the champion accused of abuse of office concerns its boycott against the Golden Morgenrote. The right-wing extreme party has been in court since September 2013 and is accused of forming a criminal association (Chrysi Avgi classified as a criminal organization!To). In the still-completed criminal proceedings against the Golden Morgenrote, it is also about political murders, such as those on the 18th. September 2013 murder of the Rapper Killahp (Pavlos Fyssas) (Handle of the Right Chrysi Avgi murder anti-fascist hip hopper), as well as overflow against communist politicians and activists as well as numerous racist-motivated violence.

Peletidis denies the Golden Morgenrote the overlooking urban areas for party meetings under the reference to the "Criminal Association" and the racist goals of the party. Formally, however, there is (yet) no final conviction of the party, so that these lawsuits. However, the final criminal complaint was submitted by the authority to control the public service, which is why Peletidis sees itself from the parliament’s steady parties and, above all, from the government in the fight against fascism alone.

The process was on the 17 at the beginning of the week. February 2017 Advanced. The golden morning red starts the next attack. She complains that the burgermeister is simply ignoring official inquiries, which are filed with reference to the authorship of members of the Golden Morgenrote, simply and contrary to his official obligations.

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