25 Percent poverty tax?

A sample calculation

Officially there is no arms or better: poverty controls. Poverty tax – this is a polemic concept for those taxes and duties that are not in-house dependent. Among them, first and foremost, the low earners suffer. What percentage of your income make these payments? A surprising result: they pay significantly more than Mitt Romney (14%) and as much as a busy to their capital carrier, namely 25 percent. Here is the calculation:

It is difficult to imagine that Burger does not use funds with a monthly income of 900 euros net and do not use telecommunications, neither to the doctor or pharmacy. Even a low income requires a workplace – and thus telephone and electronic accessibility. Thus, telephone, internet and train are not a private property, but condition for the exercise of a 1450 euro gross job.

A car can not afford with 900 euros per month – but where the 240 euros for the BahnCard 50 can be packed when the dispo is pocketed and unimaginable 25 percent of the narrow income may also be used for unavoidable taxes and duties?

Any advance payment, each deposit is not possible with this income. You can only live from 900 euros if you live in a shared flat, with friends or family. Or inherited an apartment or house. According to the example calculation presented here, after deduction of 25%, about 200 euros for rent and heating were remained. This does not come in Halle or Oberhausen.

Cynical idea: The poverty tax prevents poverty

There are taxes, such as tobacco tax, the claim, to act prohibitively. In fact, tobacco consumption is continuously decreasing. However, it is questionable whether the rint of smoking is essentially influencing the taxes.

If you are very cynical, you could say: "The poverty controls make poverty unattractive." This result can not be confirmed. According to the poverty report, the poverty does not decrease significantly despite the climate-designed incentive of poverty tax. A possible reason: Since the election problems do not exist for the coarse part of the poor, so you can not increase your income despite the stapling threat with poverty, the poverty controls remain only a permanent fron.

A curious idea for the overwind of poverty is one "Tax against poverty", which understands itself as a transaction tax. However, this did not reduce the tax burden of the poor, because only from about 3.000 EURO NETTO A month, the income-independent duties listed here will be significantly lower in the relevant income policy. In Islam, such a levy has long since existed: Zakat prescribes the credans to donate a percentage of their income as alms. It will be about 2.5 percent, the "Fortieth", recommended.

There are our arms with their 25 percent then far from. However, gratitude of those who need to pay less telephony and television remedies thanks to the zakat of German low earners, benefit from lower interest, gentle train rides and doctor visits, within limits.

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