Wc and oxygen failure on iss: “all safe”

Wc and oxygen failure on iss: 'all safe''alle in sicherheit'

On the International Space Station (ISS), two new mishaps have temporarily knocked out the oxygen supply and toilet in the Russian segment of humanity’s aubenpost. n the new intermediate traps, cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin informed the flight control center near Moscow. There had already been several problems with the sanitary facilities and the oxygen supply. Russia’s space agency Roskosmos said Tuesday that the crew had fixed all problems and everyone was safe.

Spare toilet available

Most recently, there was also a leak through which air had escaped. It was plugged. "All systems of the station are working as planned. Nothing threatens the safety of the crew or the flight of the ISS", the authority announced on the short message service Twitter. Furthermore, the toilet was closed on 8. and 10. October failed. There had also been repeated breakdowns in the oxygen supply system.

According to the state agency Ria Novosti, cosmonaut Ivan Wagner said that the problems may have occurred during the docking of the space capsule last week. A second toilet is available in the American part of the space station. Russians and Americans help each other in case of breakdowns. In November 2019, when the toilet at the astronauts failed, the sanitary facility at the Russians was overloaded. Therefore, the astronauts had to use diapers temporarily.

On 5. October, the U.S. space freighter Cygnus had brought a new toilet for the American segment to the ISS. At the moment, six space travelers live in space. Ivanishin, Wagner and U.S. astronaut Christopher Cassidy return to Earth this Thursday.

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