Javascript: vue.js 3.1 offers assistance with migration from vue 2 to vue 3

Javascript: vue.js 3.1 offers assistance with migration from vue 2 to vue 3

For the web framework Vue.js lies with "Pluto" version 3.1 is available. The update includes some new features like the Vue 2 to Vue 3 migration build and a new lifecycle hook. In addition, the Vue.js development team did work on performance and defined new deprecations.

Problem-free from Vue 2 to Vue 3

One of the highlights of the new features is the Migration Build, which has already been introduced in beta and is designed to help developers migrate from Vue 2 to Vue 3. Vue 3 and the SFC compiler can now run in a maintenance-compatible mode, allowing developers to work through deprecations and breaking changes directly, rather than having to rewrite the entire application.

Vue 3.1 brings support for component-level compiler options when using the runtime compiler. In addition, developers are now allowed to use app.config.compilerOptions to configure the runtime compiler. app.config.isCustomElement is considered deprecated with the update and should not be used anymore.

New Lifecycle Hook

Developers have the ability to add the lifecycle hook onServerPrefetch to the composition API, which merges the passed-in handler function with the component option serverPrefetch.

There is also news for the Vue devtools: The responsible development team has been working on the support of the KeepAlive component. Developers have the ability to access the cached vnodes from the KeepAlive component and then display them as inactive in the component tree. More information about "Pluto" (Vue 3.1) can be found in the release notes on GitHub.

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