Altar boys for electronic circuits

Altar boys for electronic circuits

If a circuit does not work properly, voltages, currents and signals on traces and components such as ICs have to be measured to find the fault. Mostly, however, the contacts are very close together and are less than a millimeter coarse.

In order to position the measuring tips correctly and keep them in place during the measurement, you need extremely steady hands. A mistake, for example by slipping of the measuring contact, and already the damage can become still more coarse by thereby incoming short circuits.

A set of fine measuring tips and a stable electrode holder can be a very valuable help here. The holder consists of a perforated acrylic glass plate, which is held horizontally above the circuit board to be checked by an aluminum profile stander.

Altar boys for electronic circuits

The acrylic plate contains 88 perforations to accommodate the measurement tips.

Four electrodes, six fine, interchangeable measuring tips, cables for connecting to the measuring instruments and LED strips for illuminating the circuit board are supplied, but no power supply unit for them.

Altar boys for electronic circuits

Altar boy’s kit also includes LED lighting.

The frame consists of stable aluminum profiles and corner connectors, which were allowed to give the acrylic plate and thus the electrodes a secure hold.

The acolyte is available for 25 euros from AliExpress.

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