If you are unexpectedly burdened by expenses or want to do yourself some good with a purchase, although your financial cushion does not allow this at the moment, then the credit is a proven means. With a loan, you use your future earning power to finance an expense today. So far so good.

But what if you have been burdened with a negative Schufa entry? Or what the situation is like if you fear a burdensome entry because you are only checking a credit offer? Is then a loan disbursement unthinkable?

We show you how you can get a loan without a Schufa query or despite an existing Schufa entry. And, we also show you what you must pay attention to when applying for a credit without credit history, so that you do not fall into the trap of dubious rip-off artists.

Interior view VW Sharan

Our VW Tiguan was too small. Therefore we started looking for a car for families with 3 children

Our VW Tiguan was too small. Therefore, we went in search of a car for families with 3 children.

WLAN car retrofit LTE router WiFi 2 Reliably networked: How to retrofit WLAN in your car

Equipping cars with WLAN technology is an important issue for car manufacturers. “Connectivity”, as the term for the connection between machines, people and the Internet of Things, is also available for older cars interesting. Connectivity is a promising topic in cars. WLAN in the car enables Internet use and communication with other vehicles and road users. WLAN for the car enables various functions. The following is an overview:

External control options

With WLAN for the car, certain vehicle functions can be controlled remotely. This can include, for example, the air conditioning or heating. Remote control allows the driver to determine the temperature in the car before the journey begins. Even switching lights on and off or the central locking system can be controlled remotely this way.

Reliable cars have to prove themselves in the workshop and in everyday life

Most reliable cars have to prove themselves in the workshop and in everyday life.

According to data from the statistics portal Statista, in 2015 German car buyers purchased average 28.Spent 590 euros on a new car. For used vehicles the Germans put about 10.620 euros on the table. Here we are talking about quite high sums.

In this article you can learn how to transfer AutoCAD from one PC to another. Two simple methods are offered so that you can transfer AutoCAD with the settings and license to another device.

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Autocad is a worldwide popular graphical drawing editor. The CAD program is the main product of Autodesk and is widely used by engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, interior designers, design professionals and geo-informaticians.

The ignition cables are responsible for conducting the required voltage generated by the ignition coil to the spark plug with as little loss as possible.


Due to their installation position, ignition cables are exposed to high loads. At first glance, ignition cables and sets of ignition cables do not show their complex inner workings. In the engine compartment, they have to perform at the highest technical level: Catalytic converters and increasingly powerful, compact engines generate temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, while electronic ignition systems produce high voltages of up to 40 degrees Celsius.000 volts. With increasing age, the brass and stainless steel contacts oxidize. The electrical resistance of the cable increases – and with it the risk of failure of the ignition coils.

Today, PVC Hypalon ignition cables no longer meet these requirements. In current vehicles, even class F silicone ignition leads with a temperature resistance of up to 220°C and a dielectric strength of 40.000 volts are installed. This

Gewobag is a company that is increasingly transforming itself from a classic housing company to an integrated service provider. We always keep our customers in focus. The development of new products and services related to housing is playing an increasingly important role. We already offer our tenants energy and heating from a single source through our own energy subsidiary Gewoabg ED. The development of further core business areas to expand our offering and benefit our tenants is part of our strategy.

We are a reliable, trustworthy and fair partner for our tenants, our business partners and the city of Berlin. As a dynamic and future-oriented company, we act in line with needs and offer solutions in changing life situations. We are interested in joint ventures and partnerships with companies that want to work with us to advance the development of the city of Berlin and our neighborhoods

Business development / innovations

Our Business Development team identifies new and innovative business areas and develops new products and services from the initial idea to implementation. To this end, we take up impulses from customers and partners and develop them further for the best possible benefit of our tenants. The needs of our customers and the future viability of the products are both the starting point and the goal.

Nicholas Doll

B ecause of this, the situation for the automotive industry could not be better: Global demand for cars is as high as it has ever been. Between 2000 and 2013, global vehicle production increased by almost 50 percent – and the winners of this boom are primarily German manufacturers. Volkswagen is on its way to becoming the global sales leader, and BMW, Mercedes and Audi have a commanding lead in the premium business.

By contrast, the situation for German automotive suppliers is far less comfortable, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They make up the majority of suppliers to the major automakers and are increasingly overburdened by the rising demands. There is a great danger that these medium-sized companies, which form the backbone of German industry, will be the losers of the car boom.

The Rhon-Grabfeld registration office offers three locations in Bad Neustadt, Mellrichstadt and Bad Konigshofen i. Gr. If you want to avoid waiting, it’s best to come to us as soon as you open up. Or use the Online service in the citizen service portal in the comfort of your own home.

TIP: Citizen Service Portal

Take advantage of the opportunity to register or deregister your vehicle via the ONLINE citizen service portal! New registration, transfer and change of address is also possible ONLINE. The newly issued documents will be sent to the owner by mail.

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Using electronic devices while driving, quickly falls under Section 23 para. 1a StVO. But in the meantime functions in the car are controlled by touch screen, for example in the Tesla the intervals of the windscreen wiper. Are touchscreens allowed to be operated for this purpose and if so, what are the requirements for? For this a OLG judgement.

A driver was in his vehicle of the brand “Tesla” in the rain on the road windshield wiper were already switched on. Since it was raining harder, he wanted to work on the touch screen, which was located next to the steering wheel above the center console, by another interval circuit the Increase wiper frequency.