Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks in German households. No wonder that Siemens fully automatic coffee machine, Jura fully automatic coffee machine, Delonghi fully automatic coffee machine, Saeco fully automatic coffee machine , Miele fully automatic coffee machine , Melitta fully automatic coffee machine and Co. are on the rise. The various models with their individual advantages and disadvantages are so numerous that our price comparison, which is based on the experiences of other users, should make it easier for the consumer to make a choice.

Siemens EQ.6 Plus s700 TE657503DE fully automatic coffee maker

Siemens TI923509DE EQ.9 s300 fully automatic coffee maker

If you want to enjoy the optimal sip of coffee at home, you are always well advised to take advantage of a fully automatic coffee machine. A very good choice with the large variety of offers that the market has to offer is always a Siemens fully automatic coffee maker. Since there are also different models there, here follows information worth knowing and the descriptions of different variants, all of which have already shone in a Siemens fully automatic coffee machine test.

Today in test – Top Siemens fully automatic coffee machines

Siemens as the optimal supplier of fully automatic coffee machines

Siemens is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in Germany. No matter what type of home appliances, you can always count on great quality, attractive design and, above all, a high level of ease of use.


Arne writes the well known coffee blog Coffeeness for 10 years now.en. Besides coffee beans and espresso, it also tests all possible preparation methods (except capsule coffee). No one has published as much content on the subject of fully automatic coffee machines as Barista Arne. Arne

The Siemens EQ coffee machine.6 includes a series of five models that differ in terms of features and manufacturing materials. The higher the quality of the material, the higher the price for the particular model. The quality of the technology and the taste of the coffee are no different, so I can recommend any of the machines in the series simply because of the excellent value for money they offer.

to the offer fully automatic coffee machine Siemens TI909701HC EQ.9

Our comparison table for the Siemens coffee maker comparison does not replace one Siemens fully automatic coffee maker test, where a special Siemens fully automatic coffee maker test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we link to the following where applicable. to an external Siemens coffee machine test of trustworthy sources. On only you decide which model is your personal Siemens fully automatic coffee maker test winner becomes.

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Siemens EQ.3 coffeemaker with exceptional design

With many fully automatic coffee machines, a general design prevailed, which, apart from a few adaptations, could be found in many models regardless of manufacturer. The Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker says goodbye to this look very much and goes a new way visually. The tube, which is mounted in addition to the coffee spout, is striking. It ensures that the milk can be frothed directly in the cup. The equipment is innovative and offers many nice extras. For example, there are illuminated sensors that facilitate the selection of coffee drinks. Furthermore, a one-touch function for selecting latte macchiato and coffee is available.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee machine

The Siemens EQ3 coffee machine is visually, but also in terms of equipment, a modern device with many extras. However, the advantages are found less in these points and more in the handling:

Advantages of the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker

At first glance, the following features are convincing:

So that you can drink a delicious coffee quickly and with little effort, a fully automatic coffee machine is the best solution. In the test we have tested ten different models, including fully automatic coffee machines with and without milk frother function. The Siemens fully automatic coffee maker EQ.3 s100 is one of the best models with milk foam function in our test.

+ Milk foam at the touch of a button
+ large bean and water container
+ Descaling program
+ Removable brew group

– Coffee temperature
– Milk froth nozzle falls off quickly
– Grinding degree is difficult to adjust

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Portafilter or fully automatic coffee maker? The decision before the purchase is not always easy. We therefore compare which machine is intended for which purpose and where the advantages of these machines are in everyday use.

portafilter machines – only for professional use?

Everyone has seen these devices in a cafe, but actually there is nothing to say against using them in your own home. Whether it is worth it, shows a look at the advantages.

Advantages of portafilter machines

portafilter machine

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