Volkswagen ranged in the course of his conversion the entry into a mass production of battery cells in Salzgitter. The crafted works council Bernd Osterloh on Tuesday (21. February 2017) on a business meeting in Wolfsburg. Volkswagen had announced to massively develop the electromobility. So far, battery cells are produced as an important component especially in Asia. The expansion of the electromobility was also agreed part of a "future pact" at VW, the management and employee representative.

Osterloh said loudly: "The future pact also belongs to the test of the production of battery cells in the industrial mabboat. In a second step, in Salzgitter, the entry into the mass production of battery cells is planned, as far as this is economically portable."In the presentation of the" Future Pact "in November 2016, it had gashes, the VW engine plant Salzgitter has good chances of making the art of producing battery cells for electric cars. When expanding the electromobility are many jobs in the production of classic internal combustion engines on the cant.

Osterloh also demanded more efforts of politics in the requirement of electromobility. "For example, I think of the charging infrastructure. Since the Federal Government can be a bit more active when it comes to me."As a reason for the sluggish demand for electric cars, there is also a hitherto missing, flat-covering charging infrastructure.

Vw at the iaa: eight world premieres and two new diesel engines

Wolfsburg, 1. August 2007 – Volkswagen has for the IAA (13. to 23. September 2007 in Frankfurt am Main) a lot made: the most extensive product range of all times should be presented. More than 50 models are in Hall 3.0 stand, eight of which are world premieres. Also new at VW: Small four-cylinder diesel with common rail injection.

Study with rear engine

The official motto of this year IAA is: "see what moves us tomorrow". VW contributes to this slogan with a new study. In Wolfsburg one speaks of a designed city specialist. This is like the cafer a rear motor vehicle.

The focus: the Tiguan

One of the trade fair highlights is the completely ready for Tiguan, a SUV that settles below the Touareg. The Touareg is a candidate for VWS BlueMotion strategy. Six of these compared to the normal series models somewhat consumable vehicle variants are presented for the first time. In addition to the Touareg, the Touran as well as the Golf and his offshoot Golf Plus, Golf Variant and Jetta are also missing. Maybe it will even give a Phaeton BlueMotion. An FOX BlueMotion is very unlikely, as well as a New Beetle BlueMotion. Together with the already available POLO BlueMotion and Passat BlueMotion, a total of nine BlueMotion models are available from 2008.

Because it makes spab: a b-class with v8 engine

Rastatt, 4. January 2011 – Special Spab have many carmakers if they screw together, which is not together. Two years ago we once had the opportunity to drive a converted 190er with state-of-the-art diesel technology, even for us a pleasure. This time, apprentices in the Daimler factory Rastatt has a Crossbrave B-Class implanted a V8 and missed a rear drive.

Pure with the V8

The car with the name B 55 was created according to Mercedes on stimulation of the local director Peter Wesp. He ordered his team to build an unusual vehicle based on the B-class. Andreas Wurz, responsible for the technical training of the trainees, then took a customsstock, the B-Class and came to an amazing conclusion: it had to fit into a V8. Together with his colleague Matthias Rieger, he collected a team from Zwolf Azubis from the second and third year of the year to make their education in the areas of assembly and mechatronics.

The B-Class space concept should remain unnecessary, the interior should be appropriately upgraded to the new vehicle class, and even slightly low-level changes were planned. Finally, the result should be suitable for everyday use. Was amed by a B 200 CDI, which was intended anyway for learning purposes. As a new engine, it rose a 5.5-liter V8 with 388 hp and 530 nm. The was implanted together with a seven-speed automatic in the B-Class.

Wind turbine expansion is not quite going

The expansion of wind power on land does not get properly. The number of newly installed wind ratings in Germany was more than twice as high in the first six months 2020 as in the same period of the previous year – but it was still the second-rich expansion half of the past 15 years. This is from leading figures of the expert agency wind energy to the country that the DPA is available.

By the end of June, 186 wind turbines were put into operation with a gross performance of 587 MW nationwide. Because old plants were shut down, the netozubau was 528 megawatts. New wind turbines are much more powerful than old. Between January and June last year, 81 wind turbines had gone to the grid with a total output of 271 MW.

Central pillar of the energy transition

Most new wind turbines went to the premier numbers in the first half of the year in Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. In all federal tags auf the three city states Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen new wind ratings were built.

Employer Prassident Dulger:'batterie ubergangstechnologie zur brennstoffzelle''batterie ubergangstechnologie zur brennstoffzelle'

In the debate about climate-friendly drive forms for cars, employer’s prassident Rainer Dulger has called the electromobilitat with battery as transition technology. "Honestly, I have doubt that the technology is the technology of the future of overlapping vehicles. I hold the for a transition", Dulger said Rhine-Neckar-Zeitung (Edition of 18. June 2021)

He rather put on hydrogen in the long term. "Hydrogen is the technology of the future – we can make it easy and relatively favorable. Over the solar energy, the nearby and Middle East in the game again and thus the economic relationships were maintained, characterized by that this region remains energy supplier."


As another drive option, synthetic fuels were added. Dulger emphasized, for Germany as an industrialization, it is important to stay technology and not put everything on the card electromobility.

Vw: reorganization of bonus payments

After violent criticism of bonus payments for the VW managers, the Group wants to create new rules for the houses of the lodging flee. "The current system needs change," writes VW Financial Officer Frank Witter in a letter to the Investor Chris Hohn, who last made the Group in a writing prere. "We will address this as part of our strategy discussion," writes Witter in the letter, the multiple media on Wednesday.

But the Group will take time to carefully work out a new system. The new 2025 strategy should be presented before the summer break 2016. Details of a new spirit system not called Witter. But you have a balance between fairness and transparency on the one, and attractiveness of the group for talents on the other side.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that 46 complaints of owners of a car from VW have been submitted to Braunschweig in the course of the exhaust scandal. They were either sudden to the respective seller of the vehicle, a car dealership or Volkswagen AG, at reflection of the purchase contract or the Group as a manufacturer for damages, the court announced on Wednesday. In addition, 114 claims for damages of investors was now available against the Group. They all complain that Volkswagen informed the stock market for Spat on the threatening consequences of millions of diesel’s threatening consequences.

Frankfurt A. M./ Unterfohring, 13. December 2013 – The automotive club of Germany (AVD) has started a initiative with support from the software companies Werbas AG and Bochumer Software GmbH, which is to be made more difficult for the tachomanipulation. Since there is apparently no effective, technical counterparts, and the manufacturers apparently do not be charged to complicate the fraud, used car prospects // www.push-off.DE /: On the website Kauftig on the basis of the chassis number (FIN) can examine whether it was turned at the route maximum of the vehicle.

Win-win situation for owners and experts

The solution approach is simple: it is based on a continuous, believable documentation of the mileage of the vehicle that can be retrieved at any time. Authorized service partners, ie to the new system connected workshops and experts, should provide the mileage to the independent and protected database of the association for each contact with the vehicle. Ideally, independent witnesses have been made available if the mileage should be doubled. A witness protection program by instead of witnesses, if you want.

Prerequisite for such a documentation are well-regular workshop or expert visits. In this case, a vehicle-relevant and no holder-related data should be recorded, and the vehicle owners have to be expressively explained to the transfer of their data. The AVD also applies its initiative to the fact that the connected workshops also gain new customers through this tool and customer loyalty could. When all players, this is followed by a true win-win situation for owners and experts. To finance the database, these service partners should therefore be used.

Apple’s entry-level model under the smartphones, the iPhone SE, was last updated 2020. With a new model, however, is not expected in 2022. Of these are reports from Apple’s supply chain in Asia.

SOC from the iPhone 12

Like the electronics complex appearing in Taiwan Digitimes Write, Plant Apple currently with a publication in the first year. This was done in time in the former scheme – usually new SE models in the early year. The hardware could be a mixture of age and new technique as ual. The built SOC should probably come from the iPhone 12 (A14 Bionic), the radio module as well – so is planned to exaggerate the entry-level grade for the first time with 5G skills.

Cheapest 5G device of Apple

This became the iPhone SE 3 for the cheapest 5G smartphone so far, which has Apple in the program. This statement coincides with info; which made the renowned (and mostly true-safe) Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from Taiwan in June. He also believes in a new SE with 5G. However, how the hardware will look like remains unclear. Apple was able to follow the former scheme and use a 4.7-inch housing that has existed for years and back on the iPhone 8. Kuo had also speculated but also speculates that the display hardware is borderless for the first time and a touch ID fingerprint sensor sits in the switch-on button, as it is used by iPad Air 4. This was then the so-called "SE PLUS". However, Apple has always brought only one SE variant on the market.

Autonomous Apple cars turned significantly more rounds 2020

According to the stated US resist, Apple has significantly expanded its tests with robot cars in 2020. 69 of the autonomous vehicles made by the Group of regular cars, made good 30 from December 2019 to the end of November 2020.000 kilometers controlled by Apple’s software, as suggested from the decomposition statistics of the California Ministry of Transport. The year before, 66 cars were on the strain.

The safety drivers sitting in the vehicle had to take the control at least 130 times the control. In the previous year, so 2018 to 2019, Apple’s robot cars only drove around 12.000 kilometers in the home state of the Group. However, the Group was more frequent in 2017 to 2018 as 2020.

"Apple Car"-Clogged with Kia and Hyundai

In the past few weeks, the cooking speculation for years had received new food again on an Apple car. Thus, in media reports, a cooperation with the Sudkorean Hyundai Group and its brand Kia was the question. In addition, the production of a self-propelled Apple car in Kia’s plant in the US state of Georgia should be prepared for 2024. Hyundai announced at the beginning of the week but that it is currently "no talk" with Apple over the development of self-propelled cars.

Wear OS: Google wants'hey google'-erkennung reparieren

For months, the Google Assistant is apparently no longer with the command at Wear-OS-OS "Hey Google" activate. There are numerous user reports in forums and Googles’s own IE Tracker. Now Google works on a solution for the problem.

The promised Google to the Tech Magazine The Verge. Accordingly, one is aware of the mistake that at "agree" Applete users. Google did not call a schedule. In fact, numerous users are affected, they recognize about contributing to Reddit or Googles Ie Tracker, where nearly 1000 users specified that they have also determined the error. However, the SMARTWATCHES affected can still use the Google Assistant: Depending on the model, it can still be seen on a push of a button.

Google invests in SmartWatches

Many users now throw Google in the forum threads and social media to largely ignore his SmartWatch operating system Wear OS. Google has invested in the development of its own smartwatches in recent years.